Cloud-Based Learner Folder

Introducing the Cloud-Based Learner Folder, a web 2.0 application enabling ABA practitioners to consistently formulate, deliver and monitor programming from anywhere.

The Learner Folder is an electronic performance support system (EPSS) that enables the entire team working with a learner to stay on the same page by maintaining access to the same information, protocols and solutions via an online interface, or Hub.

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Learner Folder Sections

Here is a sample Learner Folder for Johnny Appleseed:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 1.39.59 PM

As you can see, it contains a number of sections:

Reinforcer Surveys
Learner Profiles
Tracking Sheets
Placement Tests
Contingencies to develop
Contingencies to weaken
Programming with Data

Click on one of the sections above for more detailed information on it.

A learner folder is the central hub for all members of a learner’s team to access the same up-to-date information on programming, and to enter their own data throughout the day. A number of detailed reports can be printed from the various sections.