The third component is Coaching. From the very beginning, a Coach will be available to every educator enrolled in the Course of Study. This is a vital component of the program, in order to ensure its successful implementation in the educator’s classroom.

Primarily, the coach will conduct ‘performance reviews’ to determine if the educators are meeting the pre-established criteria for each unit. The coach will also provide any re-mediation necessary for the educator to be successful as s/he proceeds through the course of study.

In the near future, Tucci Learning Solutions will be able to conduct Virtual Coaching sessions via the internet.

An educator who requires assistance will be able to have immediate access to a ‘virtual coach’ any where, any time to assist in solving the problems at hand.

The coach will be able to conduct direct observations to assist the educator in formulating strategies and monitoring the effects. This on-going supportive relationship will assure that the educator will always have the technical resources needed to develop the competencies that the learners require to be successful in school.

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