28 Apr

Autism Insurance Mandate and Capitol Autism Rally

Advocates from across the state will be traveling to Sacramento on Wednesday, April 30th the meet with elected officials and participate in an Autism Rally taking place from 11:30am to 1:00 pm on the North Steps of the Capitol.

Topics to be discussed during the day with elected officials and at the rally will be on Medi-Cal and ABA, RC co-pays and deductibles, and Early Start restoration.

If you are interested in participating or have consumers who would like to attend, SARC is arranging a bus ride from the San Andreas Campbell parking lot, in San Jose, to the Sacramento rally area.

To  RSVP please email Francisco Valenzuela to [email protected] ASAP so that he can add you to a list of people traveling on April 30th. A bus will be chartered by one of their supporting organizations to take up to 50 people. Please note, the minimum amount of people needed for the bus ride is 30. So please sign up ASAP if you can go.

If you are unable to make the morning bus trip, you can still participate by driving to Sacramento.

One thought on “Autism Insurance Mandate and Capitol Autism Rally

  1. All I want to say it was a pathetic turnout. I honestly thought that more people cared about autism issues, the alarming rise in kids diagnosed, and their futures

    Thank you

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