1 Apr

Welcome to the Competent Learner Model Blog!

Welcome to the Competent Learner Model blog! We are excited to launch our blog today on World Autism Awareness Day. The Competent Learner Model provides developmentally appropriate assessment, curriculum, staff training (i.e. online CLM Course of Study and Coaching), collaborative consultation, and direct services for educators and parents of children with a diagnosis of Autism, PDD-NOS, other developmental disabilities, and challenging behavioral difficulties.

The Competent Learner Model (CLM) focuses on developing the seven skills that everyone needs to perform well in educational settings and function successfully in daily life. These skills are based upon a behavioral analysis of functional language that provides a framework for developing participation (social skills), communication, problem solving, observation, listening, and the pre-academic skills of reading and writing.

We are happy to help spread the word about Autism by linking to the below websites.

www.worldautismawarenessday.org – World Autism Awareness Day
www.tuccionline.com/CLMinfo.php – Information about the Competent Learner Model
www.behavior.org – Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
www.bfskinner.org – B.F. Skinner Foundation
www.bacb.com – Behavior Analyst Certification Board
www.autism-society.org – Autism news and information
www.autismlink.com – Nationwide guide to Autism resources
www.pattan.net – Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network
www.researchautism.org – Organization for Autism Research
www.autismspeaks.org – Autism awareness and advocacy

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