29 Mar



Tucci Learning Solutions is excited to announce that Joe Potter was recognized today in the Monterey region for his 20 years of service with our organization.

Joe’s started his employment on March 20th, 1999. He has provided direct service, coaching, and coordination to numerous learners, their families, and school staff. He is planning to continue his studies to become a BCaBA.


Joe was my first introduction to TUCCi and has been a huge support to me during my journey with the company. He is funny and loving and has shown me our purpose is not just a “job” but forming connections with our kiddos. He is available, open-minded, and has been one of my biggest encouragers along the way. I appreciate his guidance and service so much! Thank you, Joe!

-Ashley Chesney, RBT

Wow this is so awesome for Joe! 20 years is such a great accomplishment! Tucci is lucky to have Joe! He is friendly with everyone in the company that I see him interact with and is always willing to help. All the cases that I have with him are so organized and he works with everyone’s ideas and opinions in a way that is productive but with an open mind. It also helps that he is such a people person and can quickly build rapport with the parents he works with. His joking demeanor makes for a great learning environment for the adults and kids on the teams. Congrats Joe on 20 years!

Megan Kraftzeck, BA in Training

In 2003 Joe traveled weekly to my classroom in Campbell, CA with Vicci to coach the instructional support staff and myself through the Course of Study. We loved our visits from Joe and how he quickly became part of our classroom. He didn’t hesitate to play and instruct the students. He made so many encounters teachable moments related to the CLM. With his gentle, cheerful and caring personality, our time with Joe was always something that we looked forward to. We were learning and having fun doing it. I feel lucky to be working and learning with Joe so many years later. Thank you for all that you continue to do for so many.

-Rae-Ann Arevalo, Dir. of Staff Development

Overall just have to say what an all around great guy he is. No matter what, you know he will have your back and support you whether its work related or personal. Joe is always there to brighten things up and see the positive. I/our Tucci family are so very lucky to have him on our side.

-Rachel Tololi, Program Coordinator

I’ve known Joe Potter for 20 years now… when we met, we were very young adults. I’ve watched as Joe grew his family – married his wife, and had 1,2,3,4 kids!! As the youngest of 13, we were all a little nervous that Joe might not stop having more kids! Ha! But as Joe became a steadfast family man, his loyalty to our company also grew. We all know Vicci has very good instincts, and she saw in Joe that he was a natural with kids, he cares about what happens to kids, and he has integrity. Joe embodies the core values of our company, and I’m so proud to know him and work with him! 

-Kristen Wood

It is truly an honor to be working with Joe. He always inspires me whenever he is with any of our clients. Joe always makes sure that his presence is a reinforcing stimulus around the learner’s learning environment. A master when it comes to pairing and correlating…a “pro” when it comes to the delivery of reinforcement (contriving and capturing) during naturalistic teaching procedures. (So I decided not to compete with him!!) Our learners are always excited to see Joe. I am hoping that his enthusiasm and passion with what he does will also be his great motivation for him to become one of the best BCBAs. I’m excited to see him sharing his data and graphs…to see him as BCBA. We need people like him in this field. Joe is one of the best Certified CLM Coaches I have ever met and I have ever worked with. Cheers to 20 years Joe!

-Maribel Castillo, Behavior Analyst

I was lucky to observe Joe demonstrating intervention plan in an overlapped session, it was exactly an exemplar of teaching. I was very excited and expecting to work with him one day and learn his ways of implementations, for me Joe is a great teacher. I was deeply impressed by his professional working style, timely on-site support, amazing intervention with the learner. Joe is my model that I’m going to work to be a coordinator like him in the future.

-Yvonne Su, BA in Training

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