23 Oct

October is National Principals Month! The CLM Center of Excellence will be celebrating principals all month long.

Today, we celebrate Melissa D Hensley, principal of Central High School in Woodstock, Virginia! Thank you Vicci Tucci for recommending her for our #thankaprincipal shoutout!

Mrs. Hensley is an innovative educator who operates under a shared leadership model to develop programs so that all students are successful. Mrs. Hensley is a huge supporter of the Competent Learner Model and is an advocate for evidence-based instruction for all students!

One of the many programs she has developed includes the LIFE (Learning Independence for Everday) post-secondary program that focuses on developing the “Core of All Learning” skills with adults.

These are just a few of the countless reasons why we are thankful for Principal Hensley during National Principals Month. Thank you, Principal Hensley, for your leadership and support of CLM. #thankaprincipal #shoutout #principalsmonth

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