18 May

VocaliD: Custom Crafted Voices

Dear Families and Colleagues,

A well-informed parent is ecstatic about getting a customized voice for her son’s AAC device so that it sounds like him and not a robot.  Vocalid is now taking pre-orders for voices through an Indegogo campaign.  They need to raise funds to build the first 7 “trailblazer” voices in 2015 and work on the efficiency of the process so that they can ramp up the production much more production for 2016.

Please take a look at the campaign http://igg.me/at/vocalidvoices and please share it with family and friends over the weekend.   Please pre-order a voice for your AAC user if you can, purchase a shirt/decal/etc, or make a donation to this very worthy cause.  If you are not able to donate, please blast this far and wide on your friends, family, and social media.  Vocalid will be able to seek grants and other revenue sources if they can demonstrate (what we already know) that everyone who uses AAC deserves to have a voice that is as unique and dynamic as they are.

In order for them to be able to even start on the first 7 voices, they need to raise $70k.  Campaigns like this are most successful when they start out strong and have a big chunk raised before it even goes public (which is Monday).   The parent’s son was the first pre-order for a voice!  That doesn’t guarantee him one of the first 7 but puts him in a lottery for it, and we can all cross our fingers for that.  The earlier pre-orders will be put into the lottery for the 2015 voices, so sign up soon!

On Monday, please begin sharing this campaign info on your social media accounts and with your larger circle of colleagues and acquaintances. We need each and everyone’s network and extended network to make this happen. The more you can help to spread the word, the more successful this will be.  That will mean that the parent’s son and many others will have voices that are unique to them and highlight their individuality.

Thank you all!

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