22 Apr

Thanks, CLM Center of Excellence for sharing this film with us.

“This documentary is a must watch!! Thank you Lone Wolf Media and Lives in the Balance for capturing these raw, vulnerable, and heartbreaking stories of restraint and seclusion, effects of coercive practices, and the realness of the “education to prison pipeline” to cultivate awareness and advocate for change.”

“CLMers are determined to do better and believe in teaching the missing repertoires the student is missing paired with the use of positive reinforcement to increase participation! We are committed to caring interactions between all staff members, students, and families where everyone is treated with dignity and respect!”
“All kids deserve a safe and supportive learning environment!”
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29 Oct

The UAE Diaries | Nipa Gandhi Bhuptani

Ryan O’Donnell and Megan Miller visited Dubai and interview Nipa Bhuptani who is the CLM Regional Associate In UAE. She earned one of the first CLM Accredited Sites years ago in Abu Dhabi along with her CLM Team Members.

Nipa’s current organization (ABTI: Applied Behavior Training Institute) has a CLM Lab School License to implement the Competent Learner Model (CLM). I am very proud of her and her CLM Colleagues’ implementation of the model…

Great Interview Ryan O’Donnell and excellent video Megan Marie Miller🙂❤️

Published on Oct 24, 2018

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17 Sep

Virtual tour- Spotswood High School. Part 1

CLM Center of Excellence

Kicking off this Monday with two virtual glimpses into the amazing program at Spotswood Highschool in Rockingham County, Virginia. Chris Dodson, an amazing teacher, and leader gave us a tour during Vicci Tucci‘s visit to the valley in 2016! Thank you Chris Dodson for not only impacting the students/families you work with every day but the CLM community at large! Competent Learner Model (CLM)