17 Sep

Virtual tour- Spotswood High School. Part 1

CLM Center of Excellence

Kicking off this Monday with two virtual glimpses into the amazing program at Spotswood Highschool in Rockingham County, Virginia. Chris Dodson, an amazing teacher, and leader gave us a tour during Vicci Tucci‘s visit to the valley in 2016! Thank you Chris Dodson for not only impacting the students/families you work with every day but the CLM community at large! Competent Learner Model (CLM)

17 Jul

Fluency FlashCards Promo Video

Fluency FlashCards is a “SMART” web-based App. Once purchased, you have FREE access to a tutorial developed by Dr. Kent Johnson. With this tutorial, you will learner, via a Teaching Machine, how to write SAFMEDS Cards (i.e., Fluency FlashCards). Plus, you can submit your developed decks to be published and earn some extra money. The App can be purchased by Users at the eLearning Store, Inc at www.elearningstoreinc.com

Instructors and Administrators of organizations can purchase the APP by emailing [email protected] to purchase the APP.

28 Mar

CLM Success Stories!

If you are interested in viewing the possible outcomes of CLM Programming, watch the video, Case Studies.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education produced the following video to document the effects of the CLM. An observer is provided with an opportunity to view how 8 naive learners acquire the competencies to perform successfully in their learning environments (school, home, and community) over the course of a year. Each Case Study illustrates the benefits to each learner and his/her instructors who are implementing the CLM. Parents, Teachers, Para-professionals, and Administrators talk about how the CLM has positively impacted their learners and their learning environments.

22 Feb

Greenfield Tragedy Support Fund

Dear TUCCi/CLM colleagues,

A tragic accident occurred in Greenfield, CA on Saturday February 11th that involved three family members of one of our coordinators, Liz Hernandez. Liz has worked with Tucci Learning Solutions for 20 years. Not ONLY is she a supportive and caring mother but she treats every family she serves as if they are family members. She and her family need to be supported. 
A Go Fund Me page has been created by family members. Please click here to view the page and the details of the accident. Please donate what you can. 
Our thoughts are with Liz and her family during this difficult time. 
With appreciation, 

Rae-Ann Arevalo

Director Of Staff Development

CLM Certified Coach
“Liz Hernandez has been a colleague of Tucci Learning Solutions for 20 years. She is a certified CLM Coach who is very supportive and caring of the families that she serves. One of her sons was hurt very badly and her brother is still missing in the river. Please support her and her family. Thanks,”  Vicci Tucci
28 Nov

Jack Mason offers a little magic for Liberty’s playoff run

Jack’s Parents’ Comments: This is a boy who did not have verbal skills with which to communicate who is now 25th in his graduating class and has participated 95% by direct instruction and has all A’s and one B. He is in his fourth year of participating in theater and has been singing in the school chorus for many years. Likes math and foreign languages. The foundation of teaching these children cannot have any holes or they will fall through them and become lost. The CLM model provided a solid base on which to build a lifetime of learning. His future is very bright and his parents are VERY GRATEFUL!

Jack was one Tucci Learning Solutions’ learners when he was very young. Danielle Jolley was his CLM Teacher and Dale Falcon was one of his CLM Instructors in School. Dr. Richard Laitinen and Christina Lovaas provided services in his home along with other colleagues. His mother was very involved in delivering the CLM Programming.

His mom and dad have continued to make sure that he became educated. He has become one of our many Competent Learners; very proud of our CLM Colleagues and his parents who have persisted so he could be successful in school and his community. He is one of the many examples of learners who have ALWAYS been exposed to opportunities to participate in activities that are likely to be most reinforcing to him. By doing so, he has continued to learn. His parents are very wise people.


23 Nov

The Future Centre for Special Needs of AbuDhabi was Re-Accredited as a CLM Organization this past week for the third time.

A US Embassy Official presented the certificate to Sheikh Nahyan who is the president of the organization. Dr. Mowfaq Mustafa is the Director of the organization.

Nipa Bhuptani was the first Certified CLM Coach who started the CLM Implementation over nine years ago. The CLM programming has sustained because she and her CLM Colleagues have done a wonderful job implementing the Competent Learner Model with fidelity. At least 3 of the original instructors have become BCBAs over the years.

Currently, Nipa is the Regional Associate for Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. She has the exclusive rights to implement the CLM in UAE. Also, she and her colleagues provide other forms of ABA services through her own organization, ABTI Applied & Behavioral Training Institute. URL:https://www.facebook.com/ABTInstitute/?pnref=story

Please click the URL below to watch a video of the ceremony. The video is in Arabic but I encourage you to watch it for a few minutes cause Sheikh Nahyan presents the CLM Learners with a recognition certificate. You will be able to see why I am sooooo proud of these Competent Learners and their implementers.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfHZcufZo2Q


20 Sep

Two Valley teens raise $20,000 to help disabled students

This post is about two teenagers who raised $20,000 to purchase much-needed equipment for the learners to be much more active. Please click the post below and read what the teenagers was able to buy for the learners.

I got to observe Janine Bailey’s learning environment and I was so amazed. She serves learners with multiple handicaps. Yet, she is running the CLM Lessons. She has arranged the lessons such that her learners have various ways to respond.

On any given day, learners from general education learning environments, volunteer to assist her in being friends with her learners and/or instructing them.


29 Jun

Behavioral therapy covered by insurance now available

By Lacey Peterson / The Union Democrat

Families with children in need of behavioral therapy can now access help that will be covered by insurance, including Medi-Cal.

Deena Garman, of Soulsbyville, and Florencia Baldwin, of Twain Harte, are behavioral analysts and work for Tucci Learning Solutions out of Monterey, which is now accepting referrals for families who need help for their children from toddlers to transitional adults.

In 2012, SB 946 started requiring health care service plan contracts and health insurance policies to provide coverage for behavioral health treatment for people with autism or other pervasive developmental disorders.

Parents can call their insurance companies, Valley Mountain Regional Center at (209) 473-0951 or Tucci at (831) 786-0600 to start the process of getting services for their children approved, then Garman and Baldwin can make appointments with the family. Visits will begin later this summer.

Garman has a master’s degree in behavioral analysis, and Baldwin is in progress on hers. Both have worked with children with autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral issues, and both formerly worked in child welfare services.

They use what’s called ABA, or applied behavioral analysis, for therapy. It’s the only research-based model for autism, Garman said.

Part of the therapy includes play-based activities, where children learn social and communication skills through play and interaction.

The model is based on “play, learn, achieve,” Garman said.

Maggie Beck / Union Democrat / Deena Garman, of Soulsbyville (left), and Florencia Baldwin, of Twain Harte, will do in-home behavioral therapy for Tuolumne County families.

Using things like wooden puzzles, textured balls, string-bead activities and more, children develop motor skills, learn about interacting with others, and develop the language skills needed to socialize with peers, family and teachers.

Garman and Baldwin help the children listen effectively and respond appropriately to various social interactions.

Early motor skills are also taught.

By learning core behaviors, the door is opened up for social opportunities for the children, Garman explained.

For example, a child with limited language skills may throw a tantrum when it’s time to transition from one activity to another at school or home, because they can’t express that they want to do whatever activity they’re doing for another minute, the way a child without those challenges would be able to.

Difficulty transitioning between activities is a common issue among children with ASD.

Before now, in-home support for families affected by autism or other behavioral issues has been limited.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1 in 68 children have ASD.

Statistically, that’s more than 200 children in Tuolumne County, Garman said.

These services are hoped to fill a service gap. The idea is to help children in their natural home setting, so they can first be successful there, then work outward to be successful in school and community settings.

The pair can also help in school or community settings, like if a transitional adult needs help learning to grocery shop, for example, or if a child has trouble in certain school-based situations, Garman said.

The pair has expertise in behavior issues like communication deficits, self-injurious behavior, eating issues, social-skill deficits and property destruction.

One of the goals of behavioral therapy is to create socially meaningful outcomes for children and families, Garman said.

Behavioral issues can often prevent families from going on social outings, and behavioral therapy can help, Baldwin said.

Like, if you can’t go to the park because the child can’t listen and runs into the road, she said.

The length of treatment depends on the child’s needs, and the behavior analysts send progress reports to insurance providers, who approve length of treatment.

Parent training is also part of the model.

Original article can be found at http://www.uniondemocrat.com/newsroomstafflist/4422966-151/behavioral-therapy-covered-by-insurance-now-available