28 Sep

Support the Academy of Pedagogical Studies

The Academy of Pedagogical Studies was developed to:

a) conduct research on evidence-based practices (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching.
b) provide scholarships to educators, parents, and/or CLMers to implement the CLM
c) provide scholarships for students to study evidenced-based ABA/CLM courses at West Virginia University and/or Clarion University with the intent of disseminating evidence-based practices.

If you shop at Amazon, please consider supporting the Academy of Pedagogical Studies! Amazon will donate a certain percentage of your purchases to APS!!

Sign into your Amazon account using this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ Type in “Academy of Pedagogical Studies” for the organization you would like to support!!

Thank you, Amazon! What a great cause to support! Competent Learner Model (CLM) Vicci Tucci

17 Sep

Virtual tour- Spotswood High School. Part 1

CLM Center of Excellence

Kicking off this Monday with two virtual glimpses into the amazing program at Spotswood Highschool in Rockingham County, Virginia. Chris Dodson, an amazing teacher, and leader gave us a tour during Vicci Tucci‘s visit to the valley in 2016! Thank you Chris Dodson for not only impacting the students/families you work with every day but the CLM community at large! Competent Learner Model (CLM)

27 Aug


Cathy Scutta, CLM Center of Excellence – Please join me in congratulating Dr. Jocelyn Stokes from the University of West Virginia on the recipient of the Pilot Grant Program from the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The WVU Medicine University Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry will conduct a research study to investigate if teaching parents the Competent Learner Model helps improve life for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their family!  #congratulations #parenttraining #CLM #BehaviorAnalysis Competent Learner Model (CLM)

31 Jul

About the ABA/CLM Certificate Program:

BCaBA/CLM Instructor/Coach Option
– 5-course sequence or 15 credits
– Each class is 16 weeks yet there are 9 class meetings throughout the 16 weeks
-Prerequisite is an Applied Behavior Analysis course
– Possible to be completed in one year including one summer session
– Can do as part of an undergraduate degree or if already have an undergraduate degree an ABA/CLM Certificate is awarded upon completion

BCBA/CLM Coach Option
– 7-course sequence or 21 credits
– Can be completed in one year if classes are taken including 3 summer sessions
-Each class is 16 weeks yet there are 9 class meetings throughout the 16 weeks
– Must have an undergraduate degree in education, psychology, or ABA
-Can have masters in one of the above areas or complete the course sequence as part of a Masters in Special Education

CLM Implementer/Coach Option
– 5-course sequence or 15 credits
– Each class is 16 weeks yet there are 9 class meetings throughout the 16 weeks
– Can do at either the undergraduate or graduate levels depending on the
student’s background

If you want to apply, go to http://www.clarion.edu/…/competent-learner-model-clm-and-bo…