13 Nov

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

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Clarion University of Pennsylvania– Clarion online is a leader in online learning Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education! Clarion University of Pennsylvania and the CLM Center of Excellence recently collaborated in order to provide an ABA/CLM certificate coursework program to the next generation of behavioral educators! Congratulations on all of your achievements, Clarion! Cristin Ketley

29 Oct

Recently, Dr. Mowfaq Mustafa, Executive Director of the Future Centre in Abu Dhabi, sent me pictures of his CLM Team along with the following comments:

Congratulations in advance, for the possible opportunities for CLM to be implemented in China and other countries. I am optimistic that they too will experience the similar benefits of CLM among individuals with autism and other disorders.


To date CLM has helped many of our young students. We have students who have been able to be integrated into mainstream schools after developing the repertoires that CLM promises to achieve. We also have moved some students from CLM programming to other internal classes that use other curricular programming and they are adapting well.


I have spoken with a number of parents who were happy with the improvement of their children’s behavior and ways of communicating. I congratulate you Vicci and your team (e.g., Dr. Cathy Scutta, Christina Lovaas, Rae-Ann Arevalo, Kristen Wood, Maribel Castillo, Liyu Chen, Nipa Bhuptani, and numerous other CLM Colleagues around the world) for the developments happening also within your organization and the standards that you have placed upon the implementing sites. Our team is happy to comply because they know that such standards assure them of good results for the children.

29 Oct

The UAE Diaries | Nipa Gandhi Bhuptani

Ryan O’Donnell and Megan Miller visited Dubai and interview Nipa Bhuptani who is the CLM Regional Associate In UAE. She earned one of the first CLM Accredited Sites years ago in Abu Dhabi along with her CLM Team Members.

Nipa’s current organization (ABTI: Applied Behavior Training Institute) has a CLM Lab School License to implement the Competent Learner Model (CLM). I am very proud of her and her CLM Colleagues’ implementation of the model…

Great Interview Ryan O’Donnell and excellent video Megan Marie Miller🙂❤️

Published on Oct 24, 2018

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23 Oct

October is National Principals Month! The CLM Center of Excellence will be celebrating principals all month long.

Today, we celebrate Melissa D Hensley, principal of Central High School in Woodstock, Virginia! Thank you Vicci Tucci for recommending her for our #thankaprincipal shoutout!

Mrs. Hensley is an innovative educator who operates under a shared leadership model to develop programs so that all students are successful. Mrs. Hensley is a huge supporter of the Competent Learner Model and is an advocate for evidence-based instruction for all students!

One of the many programs she has developed includes the LIFE (Learning Independence for Everday) post-secondary program that focuses on developing the “Core of All Learning” skills with adults.

These are just a few of the countless reasons why we are thankful for Principal Hensley during National Principals Month. Thank you, Principal Hensley, for your leadership and support of CLM. #thankaprincipal #shoutout #principalsmonth

23 Oct

National Principals Month

Happy National Principals Month to all the amazing principals who go above and beyond providing leadership to their staff, students, teachers, and community!

National Principals Month recognizes the essential role that principals play in making a school great!

Do you work with an amazing principal who deserves a shout out? Send the CLM Center of Excellence a message with the principal’s name, a short description of what they do that makes them so great, and a picture (if you have one!).

The CLM Center of Excellence will then celebrate them on our social media accounts! #thankaprincipal!

Competent Learner Model (CLM) Vicci Tucci Cathy Scutta

28 Sep

Support the Academy of Pedagogical Studies

The Academy of Pedagogical Studies was developed to:

a) conduct research on evidence-based practices (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching.
b) provide scholarships to educators, parents, and/or CLMers to implement the CLM
c) provide scholarships for students to study evidenced-based ABA/CLM courses at West Virginia University and/or Clarion University with the intent of disseminating evidence-based practices.

If you shop at Amazon, please consider supporting the Academy of Pedagogical Studies! Amazon will donate a certain percentage of your purchases to APS!!

Sign into your Amazon account using this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ Type in “Academy of Pedagogical Studies” for the organization you would like to support!!

Thank you, Amazon! What a great cause to support! Competent Learner Model (CLM) Vicci Tucci

17 Sep

Virtual tour- Spotswood High School. Part 1

CLM Center of Excellence

Kicking off this Monday with two virtual glimpses into the amazing program at Spotswood Highschool in Rockingham County, Virginia. Chris Dodson, an amazing teacher, and leader gave us a tour during Vicci Tucci‘s visit to the valley in 2016! Thank you Chris Dodson for not only impacting the students/families you work with every day but the CLM community at large! Competent Learner Model (CLM)