29 May

Gary Wheelus is all done with Hartnell College and on his way to CSUMB!

Gary is a Coordinator who is currently working at Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. in the Monterey Region in CA. His goal is to become a BCBA and we have no doubt he will successfully accomplish it. He will be attending CSUMB next semester.


Allison Alvarez – Congrats Gary📣🤗!!

Rocio Gomez – Congratz Gary, KEEP UP the great job!

Tracy Nall – Awesome!!

Mary Mercado – Congratulations Gary!

Gary also participated at the California Enduro Race at Toro Park this last weekend, Saturday, May 26th. He won fourth place. 

Gary on the podium in his TUCCi sponsored jersey.

Gary, we are SOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

25 Apr

Email Graphic Winners

Congratulations Stephanie Romero for being the lucky winner of a $10.00 Starbucks gift card.  Stephanie is a Behavior Analyst in Training in the Tuolumne region.

Jen Woolfoot, a Behavior Analyst in the Monterey region is the second $10.00 Starbucks gift card winner.

These lucky employees are two of many TUCCi staff who successfully shared their new TUCCi email signature with the updated graphic by Monday noon.

Stephanie and Jen – Please check your email for your prizes.


Rae-Ann Arevalo
Director of Staff Development 
Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. 
Mobile (408)315-7353
Office Hours:  Tuesday to Thursday 8am-5pm