21 May

Tucci Learning Solutions (TUCCi) CLM Flyers

Access to some of these Apps will be made available on my eLearning Store, Inc. (www.elearningstoreinc.com) in the near future. Login and register to see what is currently available.

If any parents are interested in purchasing the Competent Learner Model (CLM) services anywhere in the world, we will be launching our World-Wide Coaching Network in the near future. We will be offering services via insurance and/or private funding with the intent of training parents and instructors to formulate, deliver, and monitor the effects of evidenced-based programming (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Direct Instruction (DI), and Precision Teaching (PT). You can contact us at [email protected]. Please provide your location (e.g., Idaho or Qatar).

If you are a CLMer, I will be hiring CLM Certified Coaches, CLM BCBAs, BCaBA, and possibly RBT; CLM SLPs; and OTs part-time to provide these services. Contact us via email [email protected] if you are interested, please provide me a short bio.

If you interested in becoming a certified CLM Coach, go to this website: CLM Center of Excellence (www.clmcenterofexcellence.com). It is a division of TUCCi.

19 Dec

Spotlight Virginia – Montevideo Middle School Peer Mentoring Program

Congratulations to Janine Bailey and Linda Dillashaw, at Rockingham Middle School in VA. These fine ladies have been implementing a Peer Mentoring Program. You are impacting the Montevideo community for the better according to Kristina Zaccaria. She has said that it is an AMAZING program.😍

Peer mentors work on Competent Learner Model (CLM) goals with students helping to demonstrate goals across environments and with people other than teachers.

All CLM Implementers around the world should read this article about Peer Mentoring that was developed by CLMers.

2 May

What’s the difference between Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM?

There is a big difference!  Our company implements CLM programming.  Here is a graphic that helps explain the difference.

We implement CLM programming, not TUCCi programming just like the other implementations around the world. 

Did you know that Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM can be found in a variety of places in social media?


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Got something great to share about your experience(s) with TUCCi and the CLM?  Please email Rocio ([email protected]) to share the good news through social media. 

Thanks, everyone.   Hope to see you online!

Rae-Ann Arevalo

Director of Staff Development | CLM Certified Coach

28 Mar

CLM Success Stories!

If you are interested in viewing the possible outcomes of CLM Programming, watch the video, Case Studies.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education produced the following video to document the effects of the CLM. An observer is provided with an opportunity to view how 8 naive learners acquire the competencies to perform successfully in their learning environments (school, home, and community) over the course of a year. Each Case Study illustrates the benefits to each learner and his/her instructors who are implementing the CLM. Parents, Teachers, Para-professionals, and Administrators talk about how the CLM has positively impacted their learners and their learning environments.

28 Mar

Save the Date – Competent Learner Model Conference

Coach and Administrator Pre-Conference Institute Keynote: Protecting and Sustaining CLM Implementation—Why Evidence is Not Enough: Lessons Learned from Direct Instruction, Dr. Cathy Watkins.
Day 1: CLM Inspired Implementation Innovations: What’s New & What’s Next – CLM ICE credential, CLM Coaching Process and Certification, CLM Licensing, CLM Certificate Programs, CLM Training Labs, CLMMIS, Fluency FlashCards, Teaching Machine
Dr. Cathy Scutta, Vicci Tucci.
Day 2 Keynote: Innovations in Learning: Moving Towards Personalization, Dr. Janet Twyman.

3 Feb



Please help acknowledge Maribel Castillo, BCBA  for submitting a total of 6 ISPCs during the month of January.

This valuable coaching tool is very beneficial for our staff in developing skilled CLM implementers.

Special thanks to the direct service staff who collaboratively completed the ISPCs with Maribel.  Much appreciation to Vanessa Avalos, Christian Cardenas, Mayra Meneses, Ivette Olvera Flores, Jaclyn Pickering and Frank Rameriz.

Kudos to Jen Woolfoot, BCBA and Mayra MenesesBelinda Goodwin and Roxana Virgen as well as Liz Hernandez and Flora Yu for submitting ISPCs in January.

Looking forward to seeing many more ISPCs being submitted during the month of February.  Want to be included in February ‘s ISPC shout out?  Simply participate in completing an ISPC with your Coach, Coordinator or BCBA.  A section or the complete ISPC can be filled out, depending on the staff’s completion of the Course of Study and experience.   A PDF version of the ISPC is attached.

Thanks for all that you are continuing to do for your learners.

Rae-Ann Arevalo


Director Of Staff Development

CLM Certified Coach

Tucci Learning Solutions

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Watsonville, CA 95076

Mobile:  (408) 315-7353   Fax: (831)786-0644    

Office Hours:  Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 am-4:00 pm 
17 Jan

“The Competent Learner Model: The Merging of Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching”

Shonnet Brand, BCBA and Certified CLM Coach and Coordinator, made me a very happy “camper” this morning. She shared with me that a student she is supervising at Nova Southeastern University first assigned reading this semester is, “The Competent Learner Model: The Merging of Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching”. Her course is being taught by David Nevel.



17 Jan

NEWS – Parent Training at OBS

Go, Shonnet Brand! Bringing the power of CLM to parent training and producing valuable and replicable results!

December 16, 2016 | Outpatient

Outpatient Behavior Services Supervisors Shonnet Brand and Tonya Lambert sit around a conference table with a group of four parents of young clients. In front of them is a chart—big and detailed and awash with color.  The chart lays out the ways that a curriculum based on…


17 Jan


Please join me in congratulating, the first university-based Cohort to complete the CLM Coordinator Certificate Program.

These ladies completed a 12 credit program designed to support competencies in managing large scale CLM Implementations. These ladies stuck together for almost three years, across multiple time zones, their own work and personal pressures, and a pause in their coursework due to my unexpected stroke. They committed to learning and growing together, showed genuine vulnerability in their bravery to push themselves and each other outside of their comfort zones and expand their understanding of the importance of this work to assure that learners from around the globe will experience the benefits of the CLM program.

The CLM Coordinator Certificate courses provide the foundations to apply competencies in leadership, organizational change, implementation science and project design and management to the implementation of the Competent Learner Model and other evidence-based instructional methods.


20 Dec

Million dollar gift establishes endowed directorship and support fund for WVU Nursery School

Any Behavior Analysts and Direct Instruction Professionals, who is interested in Early Childhood Education, should visit the West Virgina University Nursery School in Morgantown, W.VA. Anonymous donors just donated a $1,000,000 to support this nursery school. Please click the link below to read the article.

Working on puzzles in the WVU Nursery


15 Sep

Maribel’s CLM Coaching

Maribel Castillo has been taking the time to Coach TUCCi’s BCBAs in the CLM Units since she started working with us a few months ago. Everyone seems to be real pleased with what she has learned about CLM and how it will benefit them to serve their learners

Nipa Bhuptani was her coach in AbuDhabi and did a wonderful job getting her prepared to become a certified CLM Coach.

Maribel continued her studies to become a BCBA. I have included her supportive notes related to aspects of the CLM Unit 2 and other ABA matters. My hope is that you will benefit from her knowledge about being a coach.

Click the image and it will zoom. Once it is zoomed, you can drag it to your desktop as a JPEG.


22 Aug


So excited for my CLM Colleagues in Palermo…

“The CLM Parents in Palermo, Sicily continue to be supported by their government officials to implement the Competent Learner Model. Khaty Costumati is one of those parents. She is the Regional Associate for Tucci Learning Solutions and a Certified CLM Coach. She along with other parents continue to seek this support! Much Respect and Appreciation, Vicci Tucci”.



6 May

Melissa Hensley is VA’s Principal of the Year!!

Missy Hensley, Principal at Central High School, has just been named the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals (VASSP) Principal of the Year!  She has also being highly supportive on the implementation of the CLM.

Melissa Hensleynew

Read more about her accomplishment here http://www.shenandoah.k12.va.us/cms/One.aspx?portalId=3199965&pageId=26762330

24 Mar

Success story thanks to the CLM!

Laura Dietz (Mother of Lily Dietz) posted these comments below about her daughter success with regards to the Competent Learner Model. Nipa Bhuptani is the Certified CLM Coach and TUCCi’s Regional Associate for UAE.

“We have had a very busy and exciting few weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

– Lily started Redwood Montesorri school 3 days per week and is doing brilliantly, making new friends and enjoying English, French, and Arabic circle time!
– Lily advanced and is now on CLM lesson 6 in just 3 short months!
– In the past two days for the first time ever Lily will use her voice to respond when prompted to “Lily say Shhhh, Mmm, Dddd, and Ooo” this is really amazing for her and we are so excited.
– We went to the zoo and rode a camel wink emotion.
– Yesterday at pony club, lily observed other children painting. She then picked up a brush a copied them!! This is huge. Imitation is such a struggle for a lot of children with autism. It can take them hundreds of repetitions to master these tasks so it was great to see her learning from others so smoothly.

We are grateful for this girl and this journey.We have been thrilled with the progress Lily has made with CLM. It is such a well thought through curriculum and I genuinely don’t know where we would be without it, Nipa and Daisy her therapist. It has really transformed Lily and it is such a joy to watch her develop a personality and enjoy interacting with our family and her friends.

The transformation in such a short space of time has been absolutely incredible – its a testament to the programme and the dedication of her therapy team. Thanks again for everything you do on behalf of families and those with Autism. You have changed our lives for the better and we are very optimistic for Lily and her future. Best wishes, Laura Deitz”

Lily Dietz

22 Jul

2014 Summer CLM Academy

by Rae-Ann Arevalo

This summer has been busy with CLM trainings that focused on strengthening instructional delivery, shaping behavioral vocabulary and learning how to clearly explain the CLM by using every day examples.Thank you Vicci Tucci and my fellow colleagues for helping make the trainings happen. Check out this summer’s CLM Summer Academy Stars from the Monterey, CA region. Looking forward having the training in San Jose, CA next.

Summer Academy Stars

Here are some of the comments that were posted to the Competent Learner Model (CLM) Facebook Page:

Vicci Tucci – “I was so impressed with the participants and instructors when I sat in for just a few minutes of the last CLM Academy this week. I am soooooooooo proud, appreciative, and respectful of all of you!!! Love ya, Vicci”

Kathy Yates Joy – “Great job everyone!”

A group visual project made by the participants at the CLM trainings for the Monterey, CA region at this summer's training.
A group visual project made by the participants at the CLM trainings for the Monterey, CA region at this summer’s training.


24 Apr

Professional Crisis Management – PCM Training April 2014

For more than 15 years, PCM has been successfully used in various facilities serving a wide range of populations. Unlike other crisis systems available, PCM is based on a behavior analytic model of intervention that utilizes established scientific techniques for de-escalating confrontive, disruptive and aggressive behaviors.

In crisis situations, PCM procedures actively teach the individual how to relax, as opposed to other systems that passively restrain the individual until they are fatigued, a practice which provides no opportunity for learning.

PCM is an advanced system of Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, and Post-Crisis Intervention. PCM utilizes competency-based training and written tests to certify that all individuals meet or exceed the standards for certification in PCM. Other, less rigorous systems, offer certification based only on “participation.” PCM is the only complete crisis management system available that can ensure successful prevention and intervention with maximum safety, increased dignity and total effectiveness.


The Crisis Prevention component of the PCM system sets it apart from crisis intervention systems. By concentrating on teaching skills and changing the individual’s environment, it is possible to prevent those behaviors that can lead to crisis. Staff can decrease the overall number of crisis behaviors that may occur.

The Crisis De-escalation component builds upon the ground-work established during the prevention process. Participants learn strategies for prompting individuals to use the skills they learned during prevention. This enables staff to quickly and safely neutralize an escalating situation before it becomes necessary to physically intervene.

The Crisis-Intervention component teaches participants to rapidly stabilize and contain even the most severe crisis behaviors by utilizing painless physical procedures that totally avoid the use of awkward positioning and physical pain. By using these types of painless procedures, the staff preserves the dignity of the individual while maintaining a positive clinical relationship, as well as assisting the individual in regaining control.

The Post-Crisis Intervention component provides participants with the skills necessary to reintegrate the individual into their regular treatment and teaching programs. Participants will learn how to conduct post-crisis analysis, which includes ways of improving future interactions in a crisis situation.

Now, we want to share with you some of the pictures we took from our last PCM Training on April 2014. All of them have being trained on the following system:

  • A systematic approach for reducing violent and aggressive behavior
  • Designed for use in homes, schools, hospitals, and agencies
  • Emphasizes human dignity and freedom of choice
  • Avoids the use of pain
  • Teaches a step-by-step decision making process
  • Based on a feedback model of intervention
  • Yields practical effective solutions
  • Reduces liability and risk of litigation
  • Based on scientific principles
  • Utilizes a cognitive-behavioral model
  • Integrates with existing treatment and management systems
  • Facilitates total management
  • Results in greater staff confidence and increased staff morale
  • Cost effective
  • Developed by Certified Behavior Analysts
PCM Trainers: Gary Wheelus, Parrish Taylor, Gavin Darby & Valerie Rodriguez
PCM Trainers: Gary Wheelus, Parrish Taylor, Gavin Darby & Valerie Rodriguez
Back Row: Gary Wheelus, Parrish Taylor, Gavin Darby, Ramon Hernandez, Jorge Gallegos & Matt Hendley. Front Row: Valerie Rodriguez, Alex Lopez, Alvaro Hernandez, Andrea Perez, Sindy Vilchez, Juliana Elizalde, Richard Douglas & Allan Booth-Simonsen.
Back Row: Gary Wheelus, Parrish Taylor, Gavin Darby, Ramon Hernandez, Jorge Gallegos & Matt Hendley. Front Row: Valerie Rodriguez, Alex Lopez, Alvaro Hernandez, Andrea Perez, Sindy Vilchez, Juliana Elizalde, Richard Douglas & Allan Booth-Simonsen.
17 Mar

2014 VA State Wide CLM Forum

Commonwealth Autism Services (CAS), based in Richmond Virginia, invited Vicci Tucci to present at the 2014 VA State Wide CLM Forum. In the morning during her presentation, she posed the following question, “Is explicit teaching always the best approach to take to develop independent functioning for our learners with various learning issues?” The CLM Teams (e.g., CLM Coaches, Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Administrators, SLPs, and etc.) from various counties in VA, who are implementing the CLM, completed some exercises to learn about Generative Instruction. “The study of generativity is the study of conditions that occasion novel behavior and complex behavior ‘for free’.” (Dr. Kent Johnson, 2008).

During the afternoon session, a CLM Teacher Panel presented information about how their Learning Environments are arranged and organized to develop Competent Learners. Here are the names of the members of the Teacher Panel:

Ashley Hawkins – Shenandoah County
Emily Schwab – Dominion Pre-School
Amanda Lambert – Clarke County
Jennifer Jenkins – Page County
Michelle Bennett – Harrisonburg City
Julie Whitaker – Shenandoah County

Vicci was so “moved” by their presentations! (See picture below).

Nipa Bhuptani, CLM Regional Associate and Certified CLM Coach in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, delivered a presentation about the CLM Implementation at The Future Centre for Special Needs and the CLM Services being provided to learners in their homes.

Autumn Kaufmann, CLM Coordinator in VA, commented that what she most values about CLM is the common language that it provides. Every CLM classroom looks different, has different learners, with different teachers and paraprofessionals, and at times is in different buildings, with different administrators. With all of those variables aside, we still have a shared language that clearly communicates the integral pieces of the model (i.e., ABA, DI, and PT).

Well done!!!

2014 VA State Wide CLM Forum