17 Sep

Virtual tour- Spotswood High School. Part 1

CLM Center of Excellence

Kicking off this Monday with two virtual glimpses into the amazing program at Spotswood Highschool in Rockingham County, Virginia. Chris Dodson, an amazing teacher, and leader gave us a tour during Vicci Tucci‘s visit to the valley in 2016! Thank you Chris Dodson for not only impacting the students/families you work with every day but the CLM community at large! Competent Learner Model (CLM)

27 Aug


Cathy Scutta, CLM Center of Excellence – Please join me in congratulating Dr. Jocelyn Stokes from the University of West Virginia on the recipient of the Pilot Grant Program from the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The WVU Medicine University Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry will conduct a research study to investigate if teaching parents the Competent Learner Model helps improve life for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their family!  #congratulations #parenttraining #CLM #BehaviorAnalysis Competent Learner Model (CLM)

29 May

Gary Wheelus is all done with Hartnell College and on his way to CSUMB!

Gary is a Coordinator who is currently working at Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. in the Monterey Region in CA. His goal is to become a BCBA and we have no doubt he will successfully accomplish it. He will be attending CSUMB next semester.


Allison Alvarez – Congrats Gary📣🤗!!

Rocio Gomez – Congratz Gary, KEEP UP the great job!

Tracy Nall – Awesome!!

Mary Mercado – Congratulations Gary!

Gary also participated at the California Enduro Race at Toro Park this last weekend, Saturday, May 26th. He won fourth place. 

Gary on the podium in his TUCCi sponsored jersey.

Gary, we are SOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

29 May

Maribel Castillo Bermudez, M.A., BCBA, Research Presentation

Vicci Tucci – Maribel Castillo presented her Single-Subject Research poster at ABAI 2018 titled: “Teaching Echoic Responding To Children With Autism, Apraxia, Speech Delay, And Other Developmental Disorders Using The Competent Learner Model (CLM) Program”. I am so proud of her. Maribel is a BCBA and Certified CLM Coach who is currently working at Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. in the Monterey Region in CA. Her Mentor CLM Coach was Nipa Bhuptani, BCaBA and CLM Regional Coordinator in UAE.

2 Apr


This training was provided last week and was developed to review the CLM learner binder, which was specifically designed to formulate, implement and monitor learner behavior.

Information was also covered about the flow charts that provide the ‘big picture’ and explain the process of the advantages of the systematic design of the learner binders. These have recently been updated by Vicci Tucci.

This training not only incorporated information from last summer’s CLMMIS training but also provided an opportunity to learn about the rationale of the learner binder layout and how it can make our jobs easier.

Everyone had a great time and we want to thank everyone for coming and for making of this day a great learning and reinforcing opportunity.



This training was developed by                                            and delivered by


Rae-Ann Arevalo, Director of Staff Development          Vicci Tucci, CEO & CLM Developer


24 Jan

South County Conference hosted by the Parent Group, “Chuparrosa”

This conference was held in Spanish and English for parents and families of children with disabilities and/or special needs.  The objective was for parents to participate in the different workshops that would provide them with educational, medical and legal information about the services and rights of their children with different abilities.

“The event was awesome!  Some of our learners were able to attend the event and we were able to support them with the help of our awesome South County staff.  We had a good turn out and many parents, as well as vendors, were interested in our services.  We got many compliments from parents and vendors.” – Cynthia Valencia, South County Coordinator.

Cynthia Valencia and…


… Marlene Ibarra, South County Training Coordinator, assisted in the resource table by providing parents with all the necessary information about our CLM Program and Services.


Marlene Ibarra, Rosie Montoya (she was the event’s coordinator and we also provide services to her child) and Cynthia Valencia.
Fernando Castro, South County Behavioral Specialist II, with one of our learners, Fernando Ramirez. This was this little guy’s first time attending an event and he was very happy and excited to see our CLM team members – Fernando, Marlene, and Grisel.


Fernando Castro with Said, another of our learners from South County.


Grisel Ibarra with another of our learners, Patricia (Patty) Acosta-Lopez. Patty had a great time with us and her peers; she was always smiling and is a heartwarming little girl.


Patty and Fernando getting along very well and having fun!


Fernando rocking to the song and …


… dancing the Macarena!


“Overall, we all had fun at the even and feel thankful that our staff was able to take time to come out and help at this conference!” – Cynthia Valencia, South County Coordinator.


Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.