25 Mar

Renew Early Start

Renew Early Start

Senate Budget Hearing

Thursday, March 27th!

Help us get 2,000 voices in support of Early Start!

This Thursday, the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services will be hearing about developmental services. You know Early Start is a key component of that. But the Senate needs to hear from you. Sign the petition, tell them your story, and forward this on today!

When access to Early Start was cut in 2009, thousands of children started being denied access to life-changing therapies – every year. It is well past time to reinvest in this critical program. It’s time to renew Early Start.

When you add your voice to this petition, you are joining a growing list of individuals and groups that support Early Start. For instance, the Lanterman Coalition, 17 leading organizations in the state’s developmental services community (including ARCA), recently signed a joint letter on the Budget. It proposed, among other things, a “return to providing necessary services to infants and toddlers… as this provides them the opportunity to reach their full developmental potential in early childhood.”

Join the ranks of those urging the Legislature to fully fund Early Start, then please forward this on to your colleagues. If your organization wants to sign an open letter to Governor Brown on Early Start, email [email protected] and let us know.

And stay tuned… a town hall on Early Start is coming to Sacramento in April!

Easy links:
Sign the petition
Read the Lanterman Coalition Budget Position letter
See the Open Letter to Governor Brown
Visit www.renewearlystart.net!

18 Mar

L.A. Community Leaders support Early Start – will you?

L.A. Community Leaders support Early Start - will you?

L.A. Advocates take big steps on Early Start – will you?

15 groups join together to spread the word about the benefits of this critical service, and urge its full funding!

Last Friday, well over 100 advocates, activists, and concerned citizens came together in Los Angeles for 211 L.A. County’s Early Start Advocacy Day. Under the coordination of Patricia Herrera, Project Director, and Maribel Marin, Executive Director, the standing-room only crowd heard about the program, federal perspectives, personal stories from families and advocates, and updates on both clinical and therapeutic developments.

Events like this showcase the broad range of support for Early Start. You – or your organization – can join in and show your feelings on this! The Assembly Budget Subcommittees will be discussing developmental services this Wednesday, the 19th, and we’re hoping you’ll help us break the 1,000-signature mark by then. The Senate hearing is a week from Thursday (March 27th), and we’re sure we can get to 2,000 individuals in public support – but only if you sign on now!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the many organizations that joined in support of last Friday’s 211 L.A. County-led Early Start town hall. They included:

In the vein of organizations supporting Early Start, we are pleased to announce the release of a new open letter to Governor Brown, specifically for organizations to sign on to. Big or small, your group is welcome to join in support of this new prong in an ever-growing grassroots effort to renew Early Start! Just email us at [email protected] if your organization wants to sign this letter.

So take a moment to forward this email on. Sign the petition! And if your organization wants to sign on to our letter to the Governor, drop us a line and let us know.

17 Mar

Renew Early Start Push Begins!

Renew Early Start

Dear Early Start Allies,Last year, you fought hard to get Early Start fully re-funded. Your letters, calls, and advocacy pushed it into the rare spot of being a program seriously discussed by the Legislature – but funding wasn’t restored. This year, we’re pushing again to Renew Early Start. And you need to tell key legislators to fully fund Early Start. The time to act is now! But why? Grant’s story speaks for itself.That young lad above is Grant. At age two, he stopped talking, playing with his big sister, and interacting with his family. But he received Early Start services. As his mother Rachel put it, “to be blunt, the regional center saved my son… he no longer requires any resources from the regional center or the State of California.”Serious cuts in 2009 ended access to Early Start for infants at risk of a developmental disability – whether born prematurely, born to a parent with a developmental disability, or prenatal drug exposure. And, despite the obvious benefit to children like Grant, eligibility for services to toddlers between ages two and three was sharply tightened. Children with similar challenges might be missing out on these life-changing services. Now we can fix that. Two key budget subcommittees in the Legislature are having their first discussions of developmental services funding. One is next Tuesday the 19th, and the other is a week from Wednesday, the 27th. Those committee members must hear from you! It just takes two easy steps to help this happen. Sign the petition to renew Early Start! This message will go to the Budget subcommittee members, and key players in the legislature. And second, if you got the message directly, click the big button below and forward it to your friends! Or if you received it from a friend, join our mailing list to stay in the know! “I hope all boys and girls in California can get the help I did.” – Grant

Will you help that happen?

Sign the petition now!

Click here to visit www.renewearlystart.net and see all of Grant’s story… and others!

12 Aug


For Children with Special Needs Birth through 36 months


Learning through Doing


Caring & Knowledgeable Professionals

Services for PARENTS and CHILDREN

3. Early Start Services

  • Individualized, direct one to one services.
  • Parent/Caregiver training that meets the needs of the child.
  • Development of skills that are necessary for the child’s success in school and later in life.


Parent and/or Caregiver training programs are individually designed to address the specific needs of the infant or toddler. These needs are identified through parent surveys and interviews paired with assessments completed by the professional members of the team.

Parents or caregivers are an essential part of the Early Start Program team and have an active role in developing their child’s individual learning, behavior or therapy plans.

Parents or caregivers are assured that they will be able to use the relevant techniques and strategies determined to be effective for their child.


Licensed & Certified:

Early Childhood Specialists

Speech Pathologists

Occupational Therapists

Behavior Specialists

Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Licensed Marriage& Family Therapists 

These specialists along with parents evaluate the child’s functioning level in five developmental areas:

  • Physical development
  • Communication
  • Cognitive
  • Adaptive/Self-help
  • Social/Emotional development

In addition to their formal training, all Early Start team members provided through TUCCI Learning Solutions, have received training in behavior analysis. Behavior analysis is the basis for designing and implementing effective learning, behavior and therapy plans.


Children may be referred by their family physicians, pediatricians, parents, public health nurses, the child’s local school district, or other agencies, such as the San Andreas Regional Center or community service groups.

2. Early Start Services


All services are provided within a child’s natural environment such as the home, neighborhood park, playground, or community pre-school setting.


  • Tucci Learning Solutions Inc., is vendorized through the San Andreas Regional Center
  • Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc., is an in-network Provider for most majosr Insurance companies
  • Medi-Cal
  • Private Pay (e.g., Parents)

5. Early Start Services


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Office: (831) 786-0600

Fax: (831) 786-0644

Email: [email protected]