24 Jan

Upcoming Workshop about the SARC’s Respite Program

Shared by the Special Kids Crusade and the San Andreas Regional Center Facebook pages.

Are you approved for Respite services through the San Andreas Regional Center but are not sure how to use it? Did you know that a friend or family member (non-parent, 18 yrs and older, eligible to work in the U.S.) can be approved to provide respite for your child/consumer? Learn more at this Respite Workshop on Saturday, January 27 at 1 pm at the San Andreas Regional Center’s Salinas office. This presentation will be presented in SPANISH ONLY. You MUST RSVP to attend. Call (831) 372-2730 and ask for Laura to reserve your spot.


22 Feb

Greenfield Tragedy Support Fund

Dear TUCCi/CLM colleagues,

A tragic accident occurred in Greenfield, CA on Saturday February 11th that involved three family members of one of our coordinators, Liz Hernandez. Liz has worked with Tucci Learning Solutions for 20 years. Not ONLY is she a supportive and caring mother but she treats every family she serves as if they are family members. She and her family need to be supported. 
A Go Fund Me page has been created by family members. Please click here to view the page and the details of the accident. Please donate what you can. 
Our thoughts are with Liz and her family during this difficult time. 
With appreciation, 

Rae-Ann Arevalo

Director Of Staff Development

CLM Certified Coach
“Liz Hernandez has been a colleague of Tucci Learning Solutions for 20 years. She is a certified CLM Coach who is very supportive and caring of the families that she serves. One of her sons was hurt very badly and her brother is still missing in the river. Please support her and her family. Thanks,”  Vicci Tucci
22 Aug

Have a second to help?


Safety and wandering legislation passed the U.S. Senate with your help, but we now must clear a key committee hurdle in the U.S. House.

The legislation, known as Kevin and Avonte’s law, is named after two children with autism who lost their lives after wandering and would allow Justice Department grants to be used by law enforcement agencies and nonprofits for education and training programs to prevent wandering. The legislation also provides access to resources to help individuals who become separated from their caregivers.

Advocates have been making calls and sending emails, but we need to make our voices heard on social media. Can you help? Please tweet:

[email protected] & @HouseJudDems please support Kevin and Avonte’s Law to keep those with #autism safe. Via @autismvotes & @autismspeaks

Thanks for all your hard work!

Stuart Spielman
Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel, Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks

16 Jun


at San Jose City Hall Plaza
Friday, June 19, 2015
12:15 pm to 1:00 pm

San Jose City Hall Plaza
200 East Santa Clara Street

People with Developmental Disabilities Call on Governor Brown to Keep The Promise. Advocates Hold Statewide Rallies and Virtual Vigil Until Governor Brown Signs A Budget That Provides Desperately Needed Funding Increases.

Basic support services for people with disabilities like autism, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy have received just one rate increase of 3% this century – while the cost of living has risen by 30%! This gross underfunding is causing desperately needed programs like transportation, job coaching and residential housing to shut their doors, putting people with developmental disabilities at risk.

Keep The Promise Multi-Site & Virtual Rallies will be taking place this week. We need people to show up this Friday, June 19th in San Jose with the goal of sending a message to Governor Brown that he needs to hear our concerns. The Rally will be led by our biggest champion in Sacramento, Senator Jim Beall. Senator Beall will lead a collation of people who will voice their concerns about what is needed for the developmental disabilities services system.

The California Legislature has approved a modest increase in funds for the developmental services system but Governor Brown can still veto it. Programs are in crisis and closing at record numbers. The Bleeding needs to stop.

We need people to show up in large numbers this Friday and be part of “Keep The Promise” Rallies. Advocates like you will be making noise around the state this week. So the questions is: Will you stand silently and see what success we’ve had be ripped away? Or will you join us and demand that our Governor support our system.

Tell Governor Brown: “Support the Budget and reform proposals for developmental services!”

Leave your message via these options:
Phone: 916-445-2841 // Fax: 916-558-3160

Keep The Promise Rallies will be taking place at the following locations:

New! San Jose



New! San Francisco

New! Los Angeles (2 rallies)

San Diego


1 Jun

Fwd: Developmental services funding – restored or removed?

Will funding be newly-restored, or newly-cut?

Just 11 people will decide, and only you can convince them to make the right choice!

The Senate and Assembly have each approved different State Budgets that – if passed – will have drastically different effects on our system. As a community, you have done amazing work. They heard your calls, saw your tweets and FaceBook posts, and read your faxes. They know the Lanterman Coalition’s position matters to you!

That’s why this next step matters so much. This is our final push this year with the Legislature – though there will be more targeted work with Governor needed in the near future. But before we fight his potential veto, we need to win in the Legislature.

Start making calls, sending faxes, and getting on social media NOW. A “Conference” committee will be meeting for the next few days to decide what parts of those Budgets they like. ARCA and the rest of the Lanterman Coalition continues to support an immediate, across-the-board 10% funding increase, and 5% annual increases until funding is reformed. Together, those components will #KeepThePromise. But it’ll only happen if you call each person on this short list!

Without immediate funding, programs will continue to close, and critical services and supports will be lost. And with no long-term reform, our system will continue to crumble. So right now, the most important thing you can do is pick up the phone, andgo through this list.

If you did it before, you know how easy it is. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll be shocked at how simple it is. And when you’re done, you can rest assured, knowing that you have been, and continue to be, a key part of this fight for our entire service system.

A thirty-second call. A simple script. And the potential to give new life to the services and supports that serve people with developmental disabilities. Is it really that easy? YES!
Amplifying your voice is CRITICAL. Can you ask a favor from your friends? Click that envelope to ask them to help you – and our whole system!
Click to tell your followers and the Governor that you support this campaignto #KeepThePromise. Tag your own legislators, too!
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16 Apr

URGENT: Licensure Bill hearing set. Need 200 letters of support by 4/20/15

Dear Colleagues and Parents,

Please write a letter of support for the Bill, SB749, for BCBAs Licensure.  Way too many other fields are “attempting” to provide services to our learners and most do NOT have the competencies required to formulate, deliver, and monitor ABA programming.

Please read the urgent message from CalABA below.

Much Appreciation,

Vicci Tucci


From: CalABA <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 6:29 PM

Our first hearing has been set for April 27th, 2015 in front of the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee.

CalABA needs your help to move SB 479 (Behavior Analyst Licensure Bill) through its first hearing in the Senate.

OUR GOAL: Generate 200 letters of support for SB 479 by April 20th.

The voices of practitioners and families receiving our services are especially important right now. We needevery CalABA member to write a letter of support. We need these letters by April 20th!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Read and share the Call To Action.
  • Use the following letter templates to get started:
  • Ask families explicitly to write a letter of support.
    • The letters should emphasize why SB 479 is personally important and should avoid getting too technical. Remind them to use the templates to get started.
    • Practitioners should use care and caution when approaching families to write letters of support. We don’t want families to feel coerced into supporting our bill. Our first professional obligation is to our consumers and their families.
  • Send 1 copy of each letter to EVERY member of the Senate Committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development.
    • Contact information can be found on p. 2 of the Call to Action handout.


Have a question? Contact us at [email protected]



24 Feb

URGENT – March 4th Capitol Rally & Assembly Budget Hearings in Sacramento


The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) hopes to recruit as many people possible to attend a Rally and Assembly Budget Hearings in Sacramento on March 4th.  The Rally starts at 11:00 am. Assembly Budget Subcommittee Hearings start at 1:30. This Subcommittee is responsible for developmental disabilities funding.

For more information or to attend on March 4th please contact Daniel Savino at: [email protected].

Your advocacy and support is appreciated and valued because “We Speak With One Voice”.

Francisco Valenzuela

San Andreas Regional Center

ARCA, and the rest of the Lanterman Coalition, needs you to join us next Wednesday for a rally and the first major Budget committee hearing!

Rally @ the Capitol!

The Lanterman Coalition’s members continue to push for funding reform to fix our developmental services system, and we’ve got a big opportunity for you to advocate for our system and your services.

Can you join us at the Capitol for a rally at 11am on Wednesday, March 4th? Can you come testify and show your support for our system at a Budget hearing, in room 4202, at 1:30pm that afternoon? Then mark it on your calendar – now is your time to help!
The day will start with the Coalition holding a rally on the north steps of the Capitol (by 11th and L Streets), starting at 11am and going to noon. We’re working on a roster of special speakers, and will be seizing this chance to show our strength, and raise our voice! [print-ready invitation flyer available]

Later, at 1:30pm in room 4202 of the Capitol, the Assembly Budget Subcommittee that is responsible for developmental services funding will be talking about the Budget. This is your first, best chance to tell the Legislature why your service system needs a 10% increase now, and long-term funding reform.

Come to the hearing and let your voice be heard! What services are no longer available? How could more funding better meet your needs? Or take a look at the Coalition’s potential talking points for family members, self-advocates, service provider employees and organizations, and regional center employees. We’ll look forward to seeing you at the hearing, and at 11 am at the north steps of the Capitol. Come show your support for your community!

Public Parking: 1303 10th Street
Rally location: North steps of the Capitol
Hearing Location: State Capitol, Room 4202

Can’t make it, but want to share your perspective?

Please email your comments to “The Honorable Tony Thurmond,” chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 on Health and Human Services. The email address is:

[email protected]

Personal, honest, respectful testimony will be a great help.

Pro tip: Include your mailing address at the bottom to ensure your testimony can be properly accepted!

Want to come to the next hearing? The Senate’s twin of this critical subcommittee is having their hearing at9:30am, Thursday, March 12th. The hearing will be in room 4203.

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