15 Aug

TUCCi’s Participation at the Annual San Andreas Summer Festivals

What a great event!!!

It was an honor for Tucci Learning Solutions to be able to support and participate in most of the Festivals hosted by San Andreas Regional Center during this summer 2016. 

The latest one was on Saturday, August 6th at the Tatum’s Garden in Salinas where our wonderful CLM Team Members performed an amazing job with the families who showed up to enjoy a day full of fun and games. It was also really good to be able to share with parents and caregivers about our ABA Services and be able to meet them.

This is what one of our CLM Coordinators for the Monterey Region, Guillermo Reyes, had to say about the event,  “I am very grateful to have been part of this event because I was able to convey information to parents on how Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc operates. In addition, I was able to encourage parents to pursue the needs of their children because education is the KEY to success in life.”

We also want to extend our gratitude to Danielle Jolley, CLM Coordinator for the Santa Cruz County, for helping out at the Festival Events that took place in Morgan Hill and Santa Cruz.

Thank you ALL for helping out during this Special Needs Community event and for your fun and instructive contribution.


Guillermo Reyes, CLM Coordinator for the Monterey Region










6 Jul

What Is Pivotal Response Treatment?

By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D

Founding Editor, bSci21.org

If you attended the 2015 ABAI Autism Conference in Las Vegas, you heard of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), a popular and effective approach commonly used with individuals with autism. If you aren’t yet familiar with PRT, AutismSpeaks.org provides a brief primer.

The key feature of PRT is the targeting of “pivotal” or critical areas of the child’s skill set that will then generalize across a wide range of…



16 Apr

URGENT: Licensure Bill hearing set. Need 200 letters of support by 4/20/15

Dear Colleagues and Parents,

Please write a letter of support for the Bill, SB749, for BCBAs Licensure.  Way too many other fields are “attempting” to provide services to our learners and most do NOT have the competencies required to formulate, deliver, and monitor ABA programming.

Please read the urgent message from CalABA below.

Much Appreciation,

Vicci Tucci


From: CalABA <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 6:29 PM

Our first hearing has been set for April 27th, 2015 in front of the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee.

CalABA needs your help to move SB 479 (Behavior Analyst Licensure Bill) through its first hearing in the Senate.

OUR GOAL: Generate 200 letters of support for SB 479 by April 20th.

The voices of practitioners and families receiving our services are especially important right now. We needevery CalABA member to write a letter of support. We need these letters by April 20th!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Read and share the Call To Action.
  • Use the following letter templates to get started:
  • Ask families explicitly to write a letter of support.
    • The letters should emphasize why SB 479 is personally important and should avoid getting too technical. Remind them to use the templates to get started.
    • Practitioners should use care and caution when approaching families to write letters of support. We don’t want families to feel coerced into supporting our bill. Our first professional obligation is to our consumers and their families.
  • Send 1 copy of each letter to EVERY member of the Senate Committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development.
    • Contact information can be found on p. 2 of the Call to Action handout.


Have a question? Contact us at [email protected]



2 Mar

SB 479 introduced to create CA licensure for behavior analysts


CalABA is very pleased to announce that Senator Pat Bates of the 36th District has just introduced SB 479 which will create licensure for behavior analysts based on BACB certification.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee in March or April. We will be alerting CalABA members, supporters, and allies over the next several weeks as to how we can work together to support this important recognition of our practice.

The CalABA Board of Directors and Public Policy Committee very much appreciates the enthusiastic response from the membership and ABA supporters for its public policy activity. We heard from many of you who attended the conference that you are with CalABA and want to work together to protect our right to practice and ensure that those who receive ABA services do so from qualified professionals.

We look forward to the hard work ahead and know that together we can accomplish important goals.

CalABA website:  http://stage.calaba.org/

23 Feb

How NOT to Talk about Reinforcers

Exciting event at CalABA along with an interesting article by Dr. Andy Lattal.

Please read below the pictures. URL: http://aubreydaniels.com/…/f…/how-not-talk-about-reinforcers

Interesting article by Dr. Andy Lattal about reinforcement on the Aubrey Daniels Institute Blog.

Dr. Lattal is a professor at West Virginia University. He received the Outstanding Contributor Award at CalABA 2015 this past week. It was given to him by Dr. Joyce Tu who is the president of CalABA and a former student of his at WVU.

I finally got to meet him and his lovely wife; Dr. Darnell Lattal She is well respected in the field of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). She is the Chairwomen of the Board of Directors of Aubrey Daniels International.

Know that Dr. Andy Lattal very much appreciates what we CLMers are doing all around the world with our learners and their parents and educators. A few years ago he nominated me for a lifetime achievement award, which was given to me at WVU. Several of our CLM Colleagues attended the ceremony.

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1 Feb

Cal ABA Conference Coming Up!

CalABA Annual Conference. calaba.org

The Conference
The California Association for Behavior Analysis will host the 29th Annual Western Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis February 17-19, 2011. The conference offers information, resources, and professional development opportunities for Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, speech-language pathologists, regular and special educators, students in those and related fields, and consumers of behavior analysis services. The conference general session will be February 17 and 18; workshops will be offered on February 19 only.

The Location
The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame, California. In addition to its great location near San Francisco and other Bay Area attractions, the hotel offers beautiful rooms, gracious meeting areas, and many on-site amenities.

26 Jan

APBA Conference Coming Soon

The inaugural APBA convention will be unlike any other, with unique professional development and networking opportunities for practitioners of applied behavior analysis, as well as valuable information for consumers and others interested in the practice of ABA. Learn more at the APBA website by clicking here.

3 Jun

San Antonio ABAI

WooHoo! San Antonio was fantastic. Saw some familiar faces and met some wonderful people. The Temple University research presentation was wonderful. It’s so nice to receive some independent validation for all the hard working CLM folks out there. You all do an amazing job and we are so proud of your contributions.