21 May

Tucci Learning Solutions (TUCCi) CLM Flyers

Access to some of these Apps will be made available on my eLearning Store, Inc. (www.elearningstoreinc.com) in the near future. Login and register to see what is currently available.

If any parents are interested in purchasing the Competent Learner Model (CLM) services anywhere in the world, we will be launching our World-Wide Coaching Network in the near future. We will be offering services via insurance and/or private funding with the intent of training parents and instructors to formulate, deliver, and monitor the effects of evidenced-based programming (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Direct Instruction (DI), and Precision Teaching (PT). You can contact us at [email protected]. Please provide your location (e.g., Idaho or Qatar).

If you are a CLMer, I will be hiring CLM Certified Coaches, CLM BCBAs, BCaBA, and possibly RBT; CLM SLPs; and OTs part-time to provide these services. Contact us via email [email protected] if you are interested, please provide me a short bio.

If you interested in becoming a certified CLM Coach, go to this website: CLM Center of Excellence (www.clmcenterofexcellence.com). It is a division of TUCCi.

25 Apr

Email Graphic Winners

Congratulations Stephanie Romero for being the lucky winner of a $10.00 Starbucks gift card.  Stephanie is a Behavior Analyst in Training in the Tuolumne region.

Jen Woolfoot, a Behavior Analyst in the Monterey region is the second $10.00 Starbucks gift card winner.

These lucky employees are two of many TUCCi staff who successfully shared their new TUCCi email signature with the updated graphic by Monday noon.

Stephanie and Jen – Please check your email for your prizes.


Rae-Ann Arevalo
Director of Staff Development 
Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. 
Mobile (408)315-7353
Office Hours:  Tuesday to Thursday 8am-5pm
2 Apr


This training was provided last week and was developed to review the CLM learner binder, which was specifically designed to formulate, implement and monitor learner behavior.

Information was also covered about the flow charts that provide the ‘big picture’ and explain the process of the advantages of the systematic design of the learner binders. These have recently been updated by Vicci Tucci.

This training not only incorporated information from last summer’s CLMMIS training but also provided an opportunity to learn about the rationale of the learner binder layout and how it can make our jobs easier.

Everyone had a great time and we want to thank everyone for coming and for making of this day a great learning and reinforcing opportunity.



This training was developed by                                            and delivered by


Rae-Ann Arevalo, Director of Staff Development          Vicci Tucci, CEO & CLM Developer


19 Mar

“The importance of data”

Post by Luca Canever via Facebook

“This is a Chart that I showed during my webinar “TAGteach & Precision Teaching”. The Standard Celeration Chart records the data form one students’ of mine for the pinpoint “see/say common words” (reading). You can see that afetr the TAGTeach intervention his performance steadily increased. Without the help of the Chart (and of Frequencies recording), these amazing results would have been missed”.

24 Jan

South County Conference hosted by the Parent Group, “Chuparrosa”

This conference was held in Spanish and English for parents and families of children with disabilities and/or special needs.  The objective was for parents to participate in the different workshops that would provide them with educational, medical and legal information about the services and rights of their children with different abilities.

“The event was awesome!  Some of our learners were able to attend the event and we were able to support them with the help of our awesome South County staff.  We had a good turn out and many parents, as well as vendors, were interested in our services.  We got many compliments from parents and vendors.” – Cynthia Valencia, South County Coordinator.

Cynthia Valencia and…


… Marlene Ibarra, South County Training Coordinator, assisted in the resource table by providing parents with all the necessary information about our CLM Program and Services.


Marlene Ibarra, Rosie Montoya (she was the event’s coordinator and we also provide services to her child) and Cynthia Valencia.
Fernando Castro, South County Behavioral Specialist II, with one of our learners, Fernando Ramirez. This was this little guy’s first time attending an event and he was very happy and excited to see our CLM team members – Fernando, Marlene, and Grisel.


Fernando Castro with Said, another of our learners from South County.


Grisel Ibarra with another of our learners, Patricia (Patty) Acosta-Lopez. Patty had a great time with us and her peers; she was always smiling and is a heartwarming little girl.


Patty and Fernando getting along very well and having fun!


Fernando rocking to the song and …


… dancing the Macarena!


“Overall, we all had fun at the even and feel thankful that our staff was able to take time to come out and help at this conference!” – Cynthia Valencia, South County Coordinator.


Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.

3 Jan

Shenandoah County Public Schools’ LIFE Program in VA receives National Recognition.

In addition, the LIFE Program is the recipient of the first annual CLM (Competent Learner Model) Inspired Implementation Innovation Award. Heather Miller, first teacher of the LIFE Program, Central’s principal Melissa Hensley, and current LIFE teacher Kayten Stoop, were presented the award at the Competent Learner Model Conference on October 26, 2017, in Harrisburg, PA.

In the picture is, Melissa Hensley (Principal, Central High School), Kayten Stroop (Current LIFE Program Teacher, CLM Coach in Training) Heather Miller (first teacher of LIFE program, Certified CLM Coach), Vicci Tucci (CLM Developer), Kristina Zaccaria (Certified CLM Coach, BCBA)

The CLM Award is presented in honor of the lifetime achievement of Vicci Tucci, the CLM developer. “The award recognizes CLMers,” said Cathy Scutta, Director of Global Implementations, “who seize opportunities to step into the “intersection” and illuminate the possibilities of how to innovate with CLM.”

The LIFE (Learning Independence for Everyday) program, which began in Shenandoah County in 2014-15, provides post-graduate, special education students from throughout Shenandoah County a place to transition to independence. LIFE focuses on the four specific Virginia Department of Education Special Education goals for transition to life after high school: developing independence for employment, independent living, post-secondary training, and self-determination.

Teacher Kayten Stroop, her instructional assistants, and job coach utilize the Competent Learner Model in the classroom and in the community as they help students prepare for independent living — for having “a life like yours.”

LIFE students learn various academic skills related to what they need to know as an independent adult including writing checks, addressing an envelope, and counting money. As well, they learn independent life skills such as washing clothes, preparing healthy meals, grocery shopping, and exercising. All of the LIFE students have vocational placements in the community to prepare them for independent employment. In addition, the students complete various community service projects such as ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, singing at local nursing homes, and cleaning local parks with the Public Works Department.

The Competent Learner Model is described as a “best practice” instructional model that has proven successful with students who have challenging behaviors or intellectual disabilities. Behavior analysis, Precision Teaching, and Direct instruction form the foundation of the Competent Learner Model. Students focus on improving their skills in behaviors that a person habitually uses: participating, problem solving, listening, talking, reading, writing, and observing. As their capability in these areas increases, students will become competent or capable learners.

The LIFE program was “Ms. Hensley’s vision,” said Heather Miller, who was the program’s first teacher. “And would not have happened without the support of the Shenandoah County School Board.” The LIFE program is housed in a renovated space at Central High School. SCPS’s Maintenance Department converted the girls’ locker room into an apartment that includes a kitchen, living room, and dining room area. There is also a space for instruction, an area for laundry, and a private bathroom and shower room. The exterior door leads into a small courtyard where students are responsible for light yard work. “The LIFE Program and the implementation of CLM would not be possible without the support of Instructional Assistants Cindy Ritter and Deb Truban, Job Coach Laura Maynard, Coach Kristina Zaccaria, Central High School Administration, Shenandoah County Public Schools, Cathy Scutta, and Vicci Tucci. ”The success of the LIFE Program is the result of the hard work put in by many dedicated people. It truly takes a village, and I am so honored to be a part of this village!” said Kayten Stroop.

27 Dec


TUCCi’s newest BCBA and BCaBA

Exciting news

Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that Amy Adams is the company’s newest BCaBA. Amy is a coordinator. Amber Mercer joins Amy as the company’s newest BCBA. Amber a the Regional Coordinator.

Amy Adams (L) & Amber Mercer (R)


Both employees work in the Santa Clara region.

Way to go Amy and Amber!

Congratulations on achieving this career milestone. We are so happy and proud that you are part of TUCCi.

Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.

27 Dec

Coordinator In Training Cohort 2

Please congratulate TUCCi’s newest CooriT group

The following staff will begin, or continue, down their career path as a Coordinator in Training (CooriT) next month.

1. Said Ortiz – Monterey region

2. Mary Mercado – Monterey region

3. Jaclyn Pickering- Monterey region

4. Devon Schutt – Monterey region

5. Alex Vaca – Monterey region

6. Megan Kraftzeck (Behavior Analyst in Training) – Monterey region

7. Carlos Puga – Monterey region

8. Michelle Jackson – Santa Clara region

9. Maria/Mary Mendoza – Monterey region

10. Stephanie Romero – Tuolumne region

11. Ismael Mondragon – South County region

Next steps: Meet weekly virtually as the CALi (Cohorts Are Learning implementation) and pair with mentor coordinators in January 2018.

Special appreciation for members of the first CiT and CooriT cohort and their mentors.

It is exciting to see the following staff continue to grow into the role of coordinator and/or CLM coach.

1 Alfredo Quintino – Monterey region

2. Ismael Casillas – Monterey region

3. Cynthia Mejia – Monterey region

4. Shakira Fountain – Monterey region

5. Alejandro Magana – Santa Cruz region

6. Marlene Ibarra – South County region

7. Daniel Juarez – Monterey region

8. Devin Koehler – Santa Clara region

This group successfully participated in the first ever virtual CALi group. A lot of learning and great discussion occurred during their time together.

Much gratitude is extended to all team members who help support these staff with their changing schedules and role and responsibilities along the path to becoming certified CLM coaches and coordinators.

Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.

19 Dec

Spotlight Virginia – Montevideo Middle School Peer Mentoring Program

Congratulations to Janine Bailey and Linda Dillashaw, at Rockingham Middle School in VA. These fine ladies have been implementing a Peer Mentoring Program. You are impacting the Montevideo community for the better according to Kristina Zaccaria. She has said that it is an AMAZING program.😍

Peer mentors work on Competent Learner Model (CLM) goals with students helping to demonstrate goals across environments and with people other than teachers.

All CLM Implementers around the world should read this article about Peer Mentoring that was developed by CLMers.

13 Nov


This conference took place this past Saturday, November 11th, and the objective was “to provide families the medical, legal, and educational information about the services and rights of their children with different abilities.”

This year, Tucci Learning Solutions had once again the opportunity to participate providing information about our program and services to the community. We also had a workshop session which was presented by Nancy Kelley and Cynthia Valencia, and we helped out with childcare. We were informed that the event was a total success so we want to take a minute and THANK our wonderful staff from the South County for all of your help.

Attached are pictures from this year’s conference in Soledad. ENJOY!!!!

From left to right: Nancy Kelley (South County Regional Coordinator), Edith Almanza (stopped by to say hi to the group), Cynthia Valencia (Coordinator), Clarissa Carrillo, Marlene Ibarra, Grisel Ibarra, and Fernando Castro.
Ismael Mondragon (not in the picture) and Marlene Ibarra helped at the resource table.
Cynthia Valencia and Nancy Kelley.
Nancy and Cynthia running a session on “Social Stories” (incorporating CLM/ABA strategies). – “Cynthia and I had a great group of people in our session with children averaging in the 10-year-olds.
Nancy Kelley – The parent group bought pizza for kids and staff, and they also make an amazing lunch for parents and participators. Children also perform with singing, dancing, and instrumental. I bought 6 raffle tickets and three of our staff WON prizes!!!


The rest of the TUCCi team ran childcare for approximately 15-20 kids. They all had a great time!Nancy Kelley – I am grateful for our South County Staff who are the most collaborative, loyal, hardworking group who also love to laugh!


6 Nov

Fluency FlashCards Application

Today is an exciting day for Dr. Kent Johnson and me. Our Fluency FlashCards Application (FFCards App) is being released today. You can purchase this App at the eLearning Store, Inc. (www.elearningstoreinc.com).

The subscription fee for Instructors is $99 per year and $49 per semester for students.

Contact [email protected] for subscriptions for organizations and developers.

17 Oct

View the pictures of CLM Learners at Stuarts Draft High School in Pennsylvania

The staff is doing an awesome, awesome job —– and two of their learners were Homecoming 2017 Prince and Princess!

Their homecoming float won!!!!

Thanks to Kristan Zaccaria for sending me this information and photos. She is such a GREAT Certified CLM Coordinator and Coach. In addition, to being a BCBA.

Princess and Prince of Homecoming 2017 at Stuart Draft High School in Pennsylvania.
12 Sep

CLM Conference Registration NOW OPEN

Dear Colleagues,

Please help me to spread the word.

The 2017 CLM Conference Registration is now open at the CLM Center of Excellence. Please take time to navigate through the content of the conference to prepare for registration.

You will have the option to register for the full conference or single days and attend LIVE or via WEBINAR. When you click on the registration option of your choice, you will be asked to select the sessions you want to attend. As part of your checkout, you will become a registered user of the CLM Center of Excellence, the learning management portal for global CLM implementers.

Please bookmark the CLM Center of Excellence website and your personal login information and password.

When you log into the site, you will be taken to your personal dashboard which will show all of your registered courses, events, meetings, etc. This learning portal will keep track of your professional development transcript for any events and will offer a variety of learning and networking options.

Your personal dashboard will provide you with access to the course handouts to download and print and webinar links for the CLM Conference.​

Cathy Scutta, OTD, OTR/L, BCBA-D
CLM Center of Excellence
division of Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.
email: [email protected]

23 Aug

Thank you for coming to our TUCCi Open House Party!

We are so happy to report that our event was a success. Thanks to our wonderful helpers, things started right from the very beginning of our setup.


Our greeter was ready to meet and inform all of what was set up for the day – Allison Alvarez

The raffle and gift item tables made the occasion even more exciting.


Our TUCCi Mission/Moto Display

This exhibit along with the one about the Language Translations, provided great clues as participants had to answer the questions from their Passport activity book, thanks, Kristen Wood….  🙂

Our Play and Learn Stations – face painting was mostly done by Valerie Rodriguez and some of our young helpers


Coloring tables, games, and prizes were also set up for the kids (thank you, Claire Rodrock)


And, what’s a party without bubbles!!!!

We even had a Jamba Juice table (thanks to OneDigital)

And it seemed like no one complained about the food…


… How could you if it was accompanied by a great band! –Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us


Our raffle drawing – announced by Vicci Tucci and Tracy Nall


And the winners are!!!!!

Allison Alvarez, Alejandro Magana, Rachel Tololi’s little girl, Kristina Wheelus and Philip Candreva

Allison won the Warrior’s basket


And last but not least. We would like you to share with you what some of our staff had to say about the event:

What a great celebration! Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying the afternoon with us! – Kristen Wood
It was great to see so many staff, learners and their families on Sunday. – Rae-Ann Arevalo
We had fun. It was nice to spend time with everyone while enjoying good food and great music. Our kids had a blast – Rocio Gomez & Family
So proud of all the CLMers who are translating the CLM Tool Kit into various languages around the world. – Vicci Tucci / this is only part of all the good things she had to mention 🙂
Over all, we want to thank all CLM Team Members, Colleagues, Families, and Friends for coming and spending a good time with us.


From our TUCCi family!
10 Jul

Tatums Garden – SARC’s Summer Festival

Last Saturday, San Andreas Regional Center hosted the first Summer Festival of the year and it was incredible, even though the day was “super duper hot”, as expressed by our coordinator Guillermo.

As described by SARC, this is “a family day full of fun and games to welcome the summer while coming together as a Special Needs Community.” During the festival, there was all source of games, entertainment, prizes and much more. If you missed this day, don’t worry, there will be two more Summer Festivals on Saturday, July 15th – Harvey West Park, 300 Evergreen Street, Santa Cruz and Saturday, July 22nd – Rotary Play Garden, 438 Coleman Ave., San Jose. Both events will be from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. So don’t forget to come and join us and stop by our booth (Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.) to say hello.

Guillermo Reyes, Monterey Region Coordinator
Daniel Juarez, Monterey Region Coordinator
Guillermo’s wife and kids … THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!


Thank you guys for helping out – Guillermo Reyes (and family) & Daniel Juarez, Coordinators from our Monterey Region.

2 May

What’s the difference between Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM?

There is a big difference!  Our company implements CLM programming.  Here is a graphic that helps explain the difference.

We implement CLM programming, not TUCCi programming just like the other implementations around the world. 

Did you know that Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM can be found in a variety of places in social media?


You can follow us on:

Facebook   (CLM)

Twitter    (CLM with some information for local CLMers)

Tumblr   (Tucci Learning Solutions)

Google+   (CLM)

Pinterest  (All kind of information about the CLM, TUCCi and Early Start)

Instagram  (in progress)


Check out these other great online resources:

CLM Blog

Competent Learner Model website

Tucci Learning Solutions website

eLearning Store   (Tucci Learning Solutions)


Got something great to share about your experience(s) with TUCCi and the CLM?  Please email Rocio ([email protected]) to share the good news through social media. 

Thanks, everyone.   Hope to see you online!

Rae-Ann Arevalo

Director of Staff Development | CLM Certified Coach