8 Apr

TUCCi’s Newest BCBA

We have some great news to share!

Britton Brown from Tuolumne region has recently passed the BCBA exam.

She has worked in the ABA field for the last six years and has been with TUCCi since July 2018. She has provided direct service as well as coordination in our organization. Previously she worked in home programs in San Diego, where she is originally from, and school programs in Sonora.

Britton completed her studies in the Behavior Analyst program through Arizona State University.

When she is not busy working and studying, Britton enjoys hiking in the mountains. Hopefully with the passing of the BCBA exam, she will have more time for this activity!

From all of us at Tucci Learning Solutions, we are excited to announce your great accomplishment of becoming a BCBA.

Way to go Britton!

25 Mar

Congratulations to Nipa Gandhi Bhuptani and the entire ABTI Team!

Thank your CLM Center of Excellence for this #share

“So proud of our CLM Global Affiliate, the Applied & Behavioral Training Institute, who was featured in the magazine “Baby & Child, the UAE Edition” for the amazing work they are providing for children and families!” 
Nipa Gandhi Bhuptani ABTI Applied & Behavioral Training Institute Competent Learner Model (CLM) #CompetentLearnerModel #BabyandChild #UAE #International #Globalaffiliate

19 Feb

CLM Center of Excellence

We are super excited for Vicci Tucci, Developer of the Competent Learner Model, to make visits to the East Coast over the next couple of weeks including; Clarion University, Vista, the Shenandoah Valley Regional Program, Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit, Lincoln Intermediate Unit, Clarke County, and Virginia Institute of Autism!! It is going to be an awesome three weeks!!!!!! Vicci TucciCompetent Learner Model (CLM)School of Education at Clarion University of PA

7 Jan



Tucci Learning Solutions is excited to announce introduce Sheila Cornelius.

Sheila has been immersed in assisting in finalizing the three new Course of Study units that focus on precision teaching since recently joining Team TUCCi. She will assist staff company wide in implementing this important methodology in combination with the Competent Learner Model. Her role is key in our organization to train staff with the focus of starting with BCBAs and BA in training.

As the new Clinical Director for the Santa Cruz region, Sheila will also be helping support the staff and implementation of the CLM with the Santa Cruz region staff.

Sheila is a teacher. She uses Precision Teaching, Behavior Analysis and Direct Instruction in her pedagogy.

She volunteers, reads, writes and walks her dog in her spare time. She surrounds herself with people and activities that she loves.

Welcome Sheila!

7 Jan

ANNOUNCEMENT – Congratulations Jessie Wang

TUCCi’s Newest BCBA

Tucci Learning Solutions is excited to introduce Jessie Wang as our newest Behavior Analyst. Jessie recently passed the BCBA certification exam.

Jessie began her employment with our organization on June 18th, 2018 as a Behavior Analyst in Training doing direct service and learning about instruction using the CLM.

She is originally from China. She came to the United States four years ago and graduated from Southern Illinois University in May 2018 with an MA in Applied Behavior Analysis. She moved to California shortly after graduation and swiftly began employment with us in the Monterey region.

Jessie started in this field working with children in clinical setting. She is experienced in implementing district trial training to young children. With continued learning and practice deeper in school and home settings, she is amazed by how broadly behavioral principles and teaching technologies can help to serve the families in need. In leisure time, she likes reading ABA and more non-ABA materials, traveling and making friends.

We are very excited for Jessie for this achievement and look forward to her working as a BCBA with her TUCCi colleagues.

29 Oct

The UAE Diaries | Nipa Gandhi Bhuptani

Ryan O’Donnell and Megan Miller visited Dubai and interview Nipa Bhuptani who is the CLM Regional Associate In UAE. She earned one of the first CLM Accredited Sites years ago in Abu Dhabi along with her CLM Team Members.

Nipa’s current organization (ABTI: Applied Behavior Training Institute) has a CLM Lab School License to implement the Competent Learner Model (CLM). I am very proud of her and her CLM Colleagues’ implementation of the model…

Great Interview Ryan O’Donnell and excellent video Megan Marie Miller🙂❤️

Published on Oct 24, 2018

Brought to you in part by Patreon Supporter Megan Miller. Support and Advertisement: https://www.patreon.com/thedailyba


28 Sep

Support the Academy of Pedagogical Studies

The Academy of Pedagogical Studies was developed to:

a) conduct research on evidence-based practices (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching.
b) provide scholarships to educators, parents, and/or CLMers to implement the CLM
c) provide scholarships for students to study evidenced-based ABA/CLM courses at West Virginia University and/or Clarion University with the intent of disseminating evidence-based practices.

If you shop at Amazon, please consider supporting the Academy of Pedagogical Studies! Amazon will donate a certain percentage of your purchases to APS!!

Sign into your Amazon account using this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ Type in “Academy of Pedagogical Studies” for the organization you would like to support!!

Thank you, Amazon! What a great cause to support! Competent Learner Model (CLM) Vicci Tucci

28 Sep

Congratulations Belinda & Liz

Exciting news from the Monterey region

Liz Hernandez

Liz will be recognized by SARC at their annual SERVICE ABOUT SELF ceremony on October 20th. Liz was nominated for her dedicated work with learners and will be receiving the Support Staff of the Year award.

Liz began employment at TUCCi in August of 1996. She is the longest employed employee with our organization. It is wonderful that the community is recognizing Liz’s professionalism and never-ending dedication to helping the families she works with. She is bilingual in Spanish and has worked in South County and Monterey regions. She is assisting the transition of learners from the Early Start program to Behavior Intervention Services for the Monterey region.


Belinda Godwin

Congratulations to Belinda for successfully passing the BCBA exam.

Belinda a mother of five. Her eldest boy is 13 years old and started her down this path of learning ABA when he was two years old in 2007. Her other children are 10 years, 6 years, 5 years and 17 months old. She is a busy mother! Belinda changed her original career path from becoming a preschool teacher to wanting to become a BCBA in 2008.

She graduated from Cabrillo College with an AS in Early Childhood Education with specialization certificates in infants/toddlers & culturally diverse families in 2009. Next, she studied at CSUMB and graduated in 2012 with a BA in Psychology, and two minors in social work & human development. Lastly, she completed studies at Ball State University and graduated in 2015 with an MA in Applied Behavior Analysis with a concentration in Autism.

From left to right: Liz Hernandez, Coordinator and Belinda Godwin, BCBA

27 Aug


Cathy Scutta, CLM Center of Excellence – Please join me in congratulating Dr. Jocelyn Stokes from the University of West Virginia on the recipient of the Pilot Grant Program from the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The WVU Medicine University Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry will conduct a research study to investigate if teaching parents the Competent Learner Model helps improve life for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their family!  #congratulations #parenttraining #CLM #BehaviorAnalysis Competent Learner Model (CLM)

17 Jul

Fluency FlashCards Promo Video

Fluency FlashCards is a “SMART” web-based App. Once purchased, you have FREE access to a tutorial developed by Dr. Kent Johnson. With this tutorial, you will learner, via a Teaching Machine, how to write SAFMEDS Cards (i.e., Fluency FlashCards). Plus, you can submit your developed decks to be published and earn some extra money. The App can be purchased by Users at the eLearning Store, Inc at www.elearningstoreinc.com

Instructors and Administrators of organizations can purchase the APP by emailing [email protected] to purchase the APP.