10 Jul

Tatums Garden – SARC’s Summer Festival

Last Saturday, San Andreas Regional Center hosted the first Summer Festival of the year and it was incredible, even though the day was “super duper hot”, as expressed by our coordinator Guillermo.

As described by SARC, this is “a family day full of fun and games to welcome the summer while coming together as a Special Needs Community.” During the festival, there was all source of games, entertainment, prizes and much more. If you missed this day, don’t worry, there will be two more Summer Festivals on Saturday, July 15th – Harvey West Park, 300 Evergreen Street, Santa Cruz and Saturday, July 22nd – Rotary Play Garden, 438 Coleman Ave., San Jose. Both events will be from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. So don’t forget to come and join us and stop by our booth (Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.) to say hello.

Guillermo Reyes, Monterey Region Coordinator
Daniel Juarez, Monterey Region Coordinator
Guillermo’s wife and kids … THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!


Thank you guys for helping out – Guillermo Reyes (and family) & Daniel Juarez, Coordinators from our Monterey Region.

26 Jun

Upcoming FREE Webinar on Bullying Prevention

Shared by Special Kids Crusade via their Facebook page.

Children with disabilities are more likely to be bullied than those without. University of Southern California’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities is hosting a FREE webinar this Thursday, June 29, on Bullying Prevention of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Attendees will learn how to identify if children are victims of bullying and how to build a community of prevention through self advocacy, peer-advocacy and school support. You must register by Wednesday, June 28: http://www.uscucedd.org/upcoming-events.

20 Jun

This weekend’s Spanish Speaking Conference Was a Success!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend the Una Voz Spanish Speaking Conference in San Jose, CA. Providers were invited by the San Andreas Regional Center and encouraged to bring and share information about their organizations with the Spanish speaking community.

This was the first time that Tucci Learning Solutions participated in this conference and our wonderful team members told us that they had a great time talking about our CLM program and services with parents and assistants who stopped at our resource table. We want to extend a special THANK YOU to our CLM Coordinator Guillermo Reyes, for his willingness and enthusiasm to participate during this year’s conference and also to Daniel Juarez for making himself available to help out too. Thank you guys for your incredible work.

Guillermo Reyes, CLM Coordinator
Daniel Juarez, CLM Coordinator In-Training
28 Mar

Save the Date – Competent Learner Model Conference

Coach and Administrator Pre-Conference Institute Keynote: Protecting and Sustaining CLM Implementation—Why Evidence is Not Enough: Lessons Learned from Direct Instruction, Dr. Cathy Watkins.
Day 1: CLM Inspired Implementation Innovations: What’s New & What’s Next – CLM ICE credential, CLM Coaching Process and Certification, CLM Licensing, CLM Certificate Programs, CLM Training Labs, CLMMIS, Fluency FlashCards, Teaching Machine
Dr. Cathy Scutta, Vicci Tucci.
Day 2 Keynote: Innovations in Learning: Moving Towards Personalization, Dr. Janet Twyman.

13 Mar

REACH Theatre’s Spring 2017 program begins April 1. Register online today!

Special Kids Crusade’s REACH Theatre is an inclusive theater program open to children and young adults, ages 12 to 22.  REACH Theatre offers young people of
all abilities opportunities to build self-confidence, improve communication skills and explore new ways of expression, while learning how to work effectively and creatively with others.
REACH Theatre’s Spring 2017 program will take place over six consecutive Saturday mornings*, 9 am – 11 am, beginning April 1 and culminating with a performance on Saturday, May 13.
Space is extremely limited.  Registration closes when program fills.
For more information, view our registration brochure (PDF) or call (831) 372-2730.
*Note: No rehearsal on Saturday, April 15 due to the Easter holiday weekend.

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30 Jan

January’s Institute: Instituto de Educación Especial del Sur del Condado

This month our South County Region staff had the opportunity to attend the Greenfield Institute Conference once again.

This Institute was held in both Spanish and English for families of children with disabilities and or special needs. During this event, the parents had the opportunity to attend various and informative workshops on services and rights of children with disabilities.

“Cynthia Valencia ran the table very well as always!

About 80-90 parents attended and about 25 kids showed up for childcare where Marlene Ibarra and Grisel Ibarra volunteered their time all day and gave pointers to the honor students who also helped from Greenfield High School. Ismael Mondragon also volunteered his time. Thank you all!

We also had the opportunity to interact with parents and other vendors, who are always personable. We also got a chance to see parents from past Tucci services who are always so appreciative and happy to see us!” – Nancy Kelley, South County Regional Coordinator

Thank you for your hard work and for volunteering your time to help out at this Institute Conference. We couldn’t do it without you all.

Marlen Ibarra, Grisel Ibarra, Cynthia Valencia, and Nancy Kelley



26 Sep

Autism Speaks Walk

autism-speaks-walk-2016-logo-hp3     2016-walk-slide-image-1

Autism Speaks Walk is the world’s largest fundraising event to support the diverse needs of the autism community. This grassroots movement is powered by parents of children on the autism spectrum, generating funds that fuel innovative research and make connections to critical lifelong supports and services. Begin your fundraising today: Register for an Autism Speaks Walk near you.

29 Aug

8th Conference of the European Association for Behaviour Analysis

So happy that Nipa Nipa Gandhi Bhuptani and her CLM Colleagues are presenting at the European ABA Conference. So proud of them!” – Vicci Tucci


Over a 1year period, 5 children with ASD (age 2-4 years) and their instructors have been part of an early intervention as well as instructors training program. For the training of its instructors, this program uses the Competent Learner Model’s (CLM) online instructors training & …. http://www.europeanaba.org/events/submission/11/335

22 Aug


So excited for my CLM Colleagues in Palermo…

“The CLM Parents in Palermo, Sicily continue to be supported by their government officials to implement the Competent Learner Model. Khaty Costumati is one of those parents. She is the Regional Associate for Tucci Learning Solutions and a Certified CLM Coach. She along with other parents continue to seek this support! Much Respect and Appreciation, Vicci Tucci”.



15 Aug

TUCCi’s Participation at the Annual San Andreas Summer Festivals

What a great event!!!

It was an honor for Tucci Learning Solutions to be able to support and participate in most of the Festivals hosted by San Andreas Regional Center during this summer 2016. 

The latest one was on Saturday, August 6th at the Tatum’s Garden in Salinas where our wonderful CLM Team Members performed an amazing job with the families who showed up to enjoy a day full of fun and games. It was also really good to be able to share with parents and caregivers about our ABA Services and be able to meet them.

This is what one of our CLM Coordinators for the Monterey Region, Guillermo Reyes, had to say about the event,  “I am very grateful to have been part of this event because I was able to convey information to parents on how Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc operates. In addition, I was able to encourage parents to pursue the needs of their children because education is the KEY to success in life.”

We also want to extend our gratitude to Danielle Jolley, CLM Coordinator for the Santa Cruz County, for helping out at the Festival Events that took place in Morgan Hill and Santa Cruz.

Thank you ALL for helping out during this Special Needs Community event and for your fun and instructive contribution.


Guillermo Reyes, CLM Coordinator for the Monterey Region