6 Nov

Fluency FlashCards Application

Today is an exciting day for Dr. Kent Johnson and me. Our Fluency FlashCards Application (FFCards App) is being released today. You can purchase this App at the eLearning Store, Inc. (www.elearningstoreinc.com).

The subscription fee for Instructors is $99 per year and $49 per semester for students.

Contact [email protected] for subscriptions for organizations and developers.

17 Oct

View the pictures of CLM Learners at Stuarts Draft High School in Pennsylvania

The staff is doing an awesome, awesome job —– and two of their learners were Homecoming 2017 Prince and Princess!

Their homecoming float won!!!!

Thanks to Kristan Zaccaria for sending me this information and photos. She is such a GREAT Certified CLM Coordinator and Coach. In addition, to being a BCBA.

Princess and Prince of Homecoming 2017 at Stuart Draft High School in Pennsylvania.
2 May

What’s the difference between Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM?

There is a big difference!  Our company implements CLM programming.  Here is a graphic that helps explain the difference.

We implement CLM programming, not TUCCi programming just like the other implementations around the world. 

Did you know that Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM can be found in a variety of places in social media?


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Got something great to share about your experience(s) with TUCCi and the CLM?  Please email Rocio ([email protected]) to share the good news through social media. 

Thanks, everyone.   Hope to see you online!

Rae-Ann Arevalo

Director of Staff Development | CLM Certified Coach

28 Mar

CLM Success Stories!

If you are interested in viewing the possible outcomes of CLM Programming, watch the video, Case Studies.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education produced the following video to document the effects of the CLM. An observer is provided with an opportunity to view how 8 naive learners acquire the competencies to perform successfully in their learning environments (school, home, and community) over the course of a year. Each Case Study illustrates the benefits to each learner and his/her instructors who are implementing the CLM. Parents, Teachers, Para-professionals, and Administrators talk about how the CLM has positively impacted their learners and their learning environments.

28 Mar

Save the Date – Competent Learner Model Conference

Coach and Administrator Pre-Conference Institute Keynote: Protecting and Sustaining CLM Implementation—Why Evidence is Not Enough: Lessons Learned from Direct Instruction, Dr. Cathy Watkins.
Day 1: CLM Inspired Implementation Innovations: What’s New & What’s Next – CLM ICE credential, CLM Coaching Process and Certification, CLM Licensing, CLM Certificate Programs, CLM Training Labs, CLMMIS, Fluency FlashCards, Teaching Machine
Dr. Cathy Scutta, Vicci Tucci.
Day 2 Keynote: Innovations in Learning: Moving Towards Personalization, Dr. Janet Twyman.

3 Feb



Please help acknowledge Maribel Castillo, BCBA  for submitting a total of 6 ISPCs during the month of January.

This valuable coaching tool is very beneficial for our staff in developing skilled CLM implementers.

Special thanks to the direct service staff who collaboratively completed the ISPCs with Maribel.  Much appreciation to Vanessa Avalos, Christian Cardenas, Mayra Meneses, Ivette Olvera Flores, Jaclyn Pickering and Frank Rameriz.

Kudos to Jen Woolfoot, BCBA and Mayra MenesesBelinda Goodwin and Roxana Virgen as well as Liz Hernandez and Flora Yu for submitting ISPCs in January.

Looking forward to seeing many more ISPCs being submitted during the month of February.  Want to be included in February ‘s ISPC shout out?  Simply participate in completing an ISPC with your Coach, Coordinator or BCBA.  A section or the complete ISPC can be filled out, depending on the staff’s completion of the Course of Study and experience.   A PDF version of the ISPC is attached.

Thanks for all that you are continuing to do for your learners.

Rae-Ann Arevalo


Director Of Staff Development

CLM Certified Coach

Tucci Learning Solutions

6 Hangar Way Suite A
Watsonville, CA 95076

Mobile:  (408) 315-7353   Fax: (831)786-0644    

Office Hours:  Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 am-4:00 pm 
17 Jan

“The Competent Learner Model: The Merging of Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching”

Shonnet Brand, BCBA and Certified CLM Coach and Coordinator, made me a very happy “camper” this morning. She shared with me that a student she is supervising at Nova Southeastern University first assigned reading this semester is, “The Competent Learner Model: The Merging of Applied Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching”. Her course is being taught by David Nevel.



17 Jan


Please join me in congratulating, the first university-based Cohort to complete the CLM Coordinator Certificate Program.

These ladies completed a 12 credit program designed to support competencies in managing large scale CLM Implementations. These ladies stuck together for almost three years, across multiple time zones, their own work and personal pressures, and a pause in their coursework due to my unexpected stroke. They committed to learning and growing together, showed genuine vulnerability in their bravery to push themselves and each other outside of their comfort zones and expand their understanding of the importance of this work to assure that learners from around the globe will experience the benefits of the CLM program.

The CLM Coordinator Certificate courses provide the foundations to apply competencies in leadership, organizational change, implementation science and project design and management to the implementation of the Competent Learner Model and other evidence-based instructional methods.


20 Dec

Million dollar gift establishes endowed directorship and support fund for WVU Nursery School

Any Behavior Analysts and Direct Instruction Professionals, who is interested in Early Childhood Education, should visit the West Virgina University Nursery School in Morgantown, W.VA. Anonymous donors just donated a $1,000,000 to support this nursery school. Please click the link below to read the article.

Working on puzzles in the WVU Nursery


22 Aug


So excited for my CLM Colleagues in Palermo…

“The CLM Parents in Palermo, Sicily continue to be supported by their government officials to implement the Competent Learner Model. Khaty Costumati is one of those parents. She is the Regional Associate for Tucci Learning Solutions and a Certified CLM Coach. She along with other parents continue to seek this support! Much Respect and Appreciation, Vicci Tucci”.



29 Jun

Behavioral therapy covered by insurance now available

By Lacey Peterson / The Union Democrat

Families with children in need of behavioral therapy can now access help that will be covered by insurance, including Medi-Cal.

Deena Garman, of Soulsbyville, and Florencia Baldwin, of Twain Harte, are behavioral analysts and work for Tucci Learning Solutions out of Monterey, which is now accepting referrals for families who need help for their children from toddlers to transitional adults.

In 2012, SB 946 started requiring health care service plan contracts and health insurance policies to provide coverage for behavioral health treatment for people with autism or other pervasive developmental disorders.

Parents can call their insurance companies, Valley Mountain Regional Center at (209) 473-0951 or Tucci at (831) 786-0600 to start the process of getting services for their children approved, then Garman and Baldwin can make appointments with the family. Visits will begin later this summer.

Garman has a master’s degree in behavioral analysis, and Baldwin is in progress on hers. Both have worked with children with autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral issues, and both formerly worked in child welfare services.

They use what’s called ABA, or applied behavioral analysis, for therapy. It’s the only research-based model for autism, Garman said.

Part of the therapy includes play-based activities, where children learn social and communication skills through play and interaction.

The model is based on “play, learn, achieve,” Garman said.

Maggie Beck / Union Democrat / Deena Garman, of Soulsbyville (left), and Florencia Baldwin, of Twain Harte, will do in-home behavioral therapy for Tuolumne County families.

Using things like wooden puzzles, textured balls, string-bead activities and more, children develop motor skills, learn about interacting with others, and develop the language skills needed to socialize with peers, family and teachers.

Garman and Baldwin help the children listen effectively and respond appropriately to various social interactions.

Early motor skills are also taught.

By learning core behaviors, the door is opened up for social opportunities for the children, Garman explained.

For example, a child with limited language skills may throw a tantrum when it’s time to transition from one activity to another at school or home, because they can’t express that they want to do whatever activity they’re doing for another minute, the way a child without those challenges would be able to.

Difficulty transitioning between activities is a common issue among children with ASD.

Before now, in-home support for families affected by autism or other behavioral issues has been limited.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1 in 68 children have ASD.

Statistically, that’s more than 200 children in Tuolumne County, Garman said.

These services are hoped to fill a service gap. The idea is to help children in their natural home setting, so they can first be successful there, then work outward to be successful in school and community settings.

The pair can also help in school or community settings, like if a transitional adult needs help learning to grocery shop, for example, or if a child has trouble in certain school-based situations, Garman said.

The pair has expertise in behavior issues like communication deficits, self-injurious behavior, eating issues, social-skill deficits and property destruction.

One of the goals of behavioral therapy is to create socially meaningful outcomes for children and families, Garman said.

Behavioral issues can often prevent families from going on social outings, and behavioral therapy can help, Baldwin said.

Like, if you can’t go to the park because the child can’t listen and runs into the road, she said.

The length of treatment depends on the child’s needs, and the behavior analysts send progress reports to insurance providers, who approve length of treatment.

Parent training is also part of the model.

Original article can be found at http://www.uniondemocrat.com/newsroomstafflist/4422966-151/behavioral-therapy-covered-by-insurance-now-available

22 Jul

2014 Summer CLM Academy

by Rae-Ann Arevalo

This summer has been busy with CLM trainings that focused on strengthening instructional delivery, shaping behavioral vocabulary and learning how to clearly explain the CLM by using every day examples.Thank you Vicci Tucci and my fellow colleagues for helping make the trainings happen. Check out this summer’s CLM Summer Academy Stars from the Monterey, CA region. Looking forward having the training in San Jose, CA next.

Summer Academy Stars

Here are some of the comments that were posted to the Competent Learner Model (CLM) Facebook Page:

Vicci Tucci – “I was so impressed with the participants and instructors when I sat in for just a few minutes of the last CLM Academy this week. I am soooooooooo proud, appreciative, and respectful of all of you!!! Love ya, Vicci”

Kathy Yates Joy – “Great job everyone!”

A group visual project made by the participants at the CLM trainings for the Monterey, CA region at this summer's training.
A group visual project made by the participants at the CLM trainings for the Monterey, CA region at this summer’s training.


2 Jun

Competent Learner Model Conference

CLMers from around the world will be speaking at the PA CLM Conference on June 18, 2014 (e.g., Sicily, Abu Dhabi, Paris, and USA: VA, PA, and CA).

Register VERY soon to attend the PA CLM Conference online or in person on June 18th. By doing so, you can learn about an ABA practice called Generativity; “…the study of conditions that occasion novel behavior and complex behavior ‘for free’.” (Dr. Kent Johnson, 2008). Dr. Janet Twyman will also be speaking about this topic.

final clm con flyer
31 Dec

CLM Academy UAE

Here is a photo of the CLM Academy that was held in UAE in December. Nipa Bhuptani delivered this CLM Academy.

Please welcome our UAE colleagues to our CLM Learning Community!

Back row, from left to right: Jane, Parisa khan, Nipa Bhuptani, Kavitha, Ayesha, Rizwana, and Ibrahim Gamal. Front row, from left to right:  Richanda, Teresa, Hadeel and Paula.
Back row, from left to right:
Jane, Parisa khan, Nipa Bhuptani, Kavitha, Ayesha, Rizwana, and Ibrahim Gamal.
Front row, from left to right:
Richanda, Teresa, Hadeel and Paula.


26 Sep

Large Scope and Sequence Chart for Pre-1 Lessons 1-16

Our Large Scope and Sequence Chart for Pre-1 Lessons 1-16 is now available in our website’s corner.

Please take a minute to visit us there. Your coaches’ CID # and password will be required.


scope and sequence 1 scope and sequence 2 scope and sequence 3

We also want to take a minute to thank Jennifer Laurito from The Vista School, and her talented group of coaches from PA, for helping us update this very important document, as well as Karrie Hatfield from Tucci Learning Solutions.

They dedicated their effort, time, and knowledge, over the summer to make sure that the Large Scope and Sequence Chart for Pre-1 Lessons 1-16 includes all the updates made to the first 8 lessons.

Thanks CLM Team for all your help and dedication.

12 Aug


For Children with Special Needs Birth through 36 months


Learning through Doing


Caring & Knowledgeable Professionals

Services for PARENTS and CHILDREN

3. Early Start Services

  • Individualized, direct one to one services.
  • Parent/Caregiver training that meets the needs of the child.
  • Development of skills that are necessary for the child’s success in school and later in life.


Parent and/or Caregiver training programs are individually designed to address the specific needs of the infant or toddler. These needs are identified through parent surveys and interviews paired with assessments completed by the professional members of the team.

Parents or caregivers are an essential part of the Early Start Program team and have an active role in developing their child’s individual learning, behavior or therapy plans.

Parents or caregivers are assured that they will be able to use the relevant techniques and strategies determined to be effective for their child.


Licensed & Certified:

Early Childhood Specialists

Speech Pathologists

Occupational Therapists

Behavior Specialists

Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Licensed Marriage& Family Therapists 

These specialists along with parents evaluate the child’s functioning level in five developmental areas:

  • Physical development
  • Communication
  • Cognitive
  • Adaptive/Self-help
  • Social/Emotional development

In addition to their formal training, all Early Start team members provided through TUCCI Learning Solutions, have received training in behavior analysis. Behavior analysis is the basis for designing and implementing effective learning, behavior and therapy plans.


Children may be referred by their family physicians, pediatricians, parents, public health nurses, the child’s local school district, or other agencies, such as the San Andreas Regional Center or community service groups.

2. Early Start Services


All services are provided within a child’s natural environment such as the home, neighborhood park, playground, or community pre-school setting.


  • Tucci Learning Solutions Inc., is vendorized through the San Andreas Regional Center
  • Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc., is an in-network Provider for most majosr Insurance companies
  • Medi-Cal
  • Private Pay (e.g., Parents)

5. Early Start Services


Watsonville, CA 95076

Office: (831) 786-0600

Fax: (831) 786-0644

Email: [email protected]

17 Jun

The Competent Learner Model (CLM)

The Competent Learner Model (CLM) is a multi-component, research validated, instructional package containing solutions for solving the major problems faced by educators and parents of children with autism and other significant learning challenges.

The Problems

We know that educators and parents struggle with making important, meaningful progress with the increasing numbers of learners who have autism and other significant learning challenges…sometimes they don’t know where or how to begin.

We know that multidisciplinary professionals working to achieve results for learners with autism and other significant learning challenges often do not work together….they may have competing goals and use  instructional methodologies that contradict each other’s work.

We know that even if teams learn how to implement evidence validated instructional practices, sustaining those practices is often problematic.

The CLM implementation tools provide the replicable steps needed to learn, utilize, extend and innovate with research validated instructional practices.

The CLM Solutions

The CLM Learner Assessments provide the tool needed for Teams to quickly understand the learners’ strengths and challenges and formulate an intervention plan.

The CLM Curriculum provides a tool of carefully organized scope and sequence of skills. This curriculum provides the tool needed for Teams to know what to teach and how to teach it.

The CLM Staff Training and coaching components provide tools needed for teams to speak a common language, agree on a basic methodology and work collaboratively together to achieve important meaningful progress for learners.

Why Act Now

Not only is it our job to educate learners with autism and other significant learning challenges, it is the moral imperative of our time to provide research validated instructional practices that will have the most momentous impact on their lives…every learner has the civil right to be taught skills that will have great utility throughout their lives.

The CLM is the only multi-component package that has the solutions you need to achieve important and meaningful progress for all learners..

What’s Needed to Implement CLM

  • A Team that wants to learn research validated instructional practices.
  • Administrative and parental leadership supporting collaboration and change.
  • A certified CLM Coach.

CLM Implementation Tools

The CLM Implementation tools provide the replicable steps needed to learn, utilize, extend, and innovate with research validated instructional practices.

Course of Study for Instructors



  Curriculum for Learners







Funding Options 

  • Vendorized through San Andreas Regional Center
  • TUCCi is an in-network provider for most major insurers
  • School districts/programs in California (i.e., Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles counties), Paris, and across Pennsylvania, and Virginia
  • Private pay

“The Competent Learner Model, which came to the school in January 2012, helps students with cognitive, physical, developmental and medical disabilities develop skills that not only foster academic success, but also success in daily life.” 

Kim Walter (VA Reporter) 2013

Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.
6 Hangar Way, Suite A
Watsonville, CA 95076
(831) 786-0600
[email protected]