22 May

About Behaviorism, Chapter 7: Thinking, Quote 7

One of Dr. Skinner’s best….

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“Abstracting and forming concepts are likely to be called cognitive, but they also involve contingencies of reinforcement. We do not need to suppose that an abstract entity or concept is held in the mind; a subtle and complex history of reinforcement has generated a special kind of stimulus control.” (p. 117)

2 May

What’s the difference between Tucci Learning Solutions and the CLM?

There is a big difference!  Our company implements CLM programming.  Here is a graphic that helps explain the difference.

We implement CLM programming, not TUCCi programming just like the other implementations around the world. 

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Rae-Ann Arevalo

Director of Staff Development | CLM Certified Coach

2 May

Parents look to lawmakers to stop children with autism from ‘falling through the cracks’

“Autism Speaks advocate Lorri Unumb works with the nonprofit group to fight for better autism treatment coverage across the country.”

Updated: Monday, April 24th 2017, 5:39 pm PDT
By Ashleigh Holland, State Reporter

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – The parents of children with autism say their needs can fall through the cracks in South Carolina – especially if their families don’t have the insurance coverage they need to pay for expensive treatments.

A bill in the State House now aims to expand insurance coverage for those with autism. Autism advocates are pushing for it to pass, but …

24 Apr

The Controversy About Restraints On People With Autism

You may want to learn about an organization of BCBAs that provides crisis intervention trainings…

03/21/2017 08:24 pm ET | Updated Mar 25, 2017

I’m sitting in my office when I get the familiar knock on my door accompanied with, “It’s a crisis and you are needed!” This is the prompt that has me jump up from my chair, pull my hair back into a bun, and run toward the problem. I can usually hear where it is coming from based on the screams and loud banging from one of our therapeutic rooms. I enter the room and assess the situation. Then, …

SHEKNOWS | Some children with autism engage in behavior like head banging and hair pulling for many different reasons including, but not at all limited to, pain & seizures.
17 Apr

About Behaviorism, Chapter 4: Operant Behavior, Quote 12

Most people do NOT know that depression is likely to be caused by a lack of reinforcement…

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“. . . a person is said to be unable to go to work because he is discouraged or depressed, although his not going, together with what he feels, is due to a lack of reinforcement—either in his work or in some other part of his life.” (p. 64)


3 Apr

About Behaviorism, Chapter 4: Operant Behavior, Quote 6

Very important points made by Dr. Skinner…

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“​The conspicuousness of the causes is at issue when reflex behavior is called involuntary—one is not free to sneeze or not to sneeze; the initiating cause is the pepper. Operant behavior is called voluntary, but it is not really uncaused; the cause is simply harder to spot.” (p. 60)

28 Mar

About Behaviorism, Chapter 4: Operant Behavior, Quote 2

Operant behavior is emitted and Respondent behavior is elicited; very important ABA technical language. Just as important is that prompts are faded and reinforcement schedules are leaned. ABA Implements have a tendency to say that reinforcement schedules are faded…UHG!

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“To distinguish an operant from an elicited reflex, we say that the operant response is “emitted.” (It might be better to say simply that it appears, since emission may imply that behavior exists inside the organism and then comes out. But the word need not mean ejection; light is not in the hot filament before it is emitted.)” (p. 58)

28 Mar

CLM Success Stories!

If you are interested in viewing the possible outcomes of CLM Programming, watch the video, Case Studies.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education produced the following video to document the effects of the CLM. An observer is provided with an opportunity to view how 8 naive learners acquire the competencies to perform successfully in their learning environments (school, home, and community) over the course of a year. Each Case Study illustrates the benefits to each learner and his/her instructors who are implementing the CLM. Parents, Teachers, Para-professionals, and Administrators talk about how the CLM has positively impacted their learners and their learning environments.

28 Mar

Save the Date – Competent Learner Model Conference

Coach and Administrator Pre-Conference Institute Keynote: Protecting and Sustaining CLM Implementation—Why Evidence is Not Enough: Lessons Learned from Direct Instruction, Dr. Cathy Watkins.
Day 1: CLM Inspired Implementation Innovations: What’s New & What’s Next – CLM ICE credential, CLM Coaching Process and Certification, CLM Licensing, CLM Certificate Programs, CLM Training Labs, CLMMIS, Fluency FlashCards, Teaching Machine
Dr. Cathy Scutta, Vicci Tucci.
Day 2 Keynote: Innovations in Learning: Moving Towards Personalization, Dr. Janet Twyman.

28 Mar

About Behaviorism, Chapter 4: Operant Behavior, Quote 1

This is a great quote…

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“The process of operant conditioning . . . is simple enough. When a bit of behavior has the kind of consequence called reinforcing, it is more likely to occur again . . . The process supplements natural selection. Important consequences of behavior which could not play a role in evolution because they were not sufficiently stable features of the environment are made effective through operant conditioning during the lifetime of the individual, whose power in dealing with his world is thus vastly increased.” (pp. 51-52)

28 Mar

Carl Writes Prologue and Epilogue to New Edition of The Eden Conspiracy by Joe Harless

If Carl Binder says it is a great book, you should purchase it!

Dr. Carl Binder, CEO of The Performance Thinking Network, has partnered with Carol Harless and the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies to re-publish a groundbreaking book, The Eden Conspiracy: Educating for Accomplishment Citizenship, by Dr. Joe Harless, one of Carl’s most important mentors.

20 Mar

Teachers must ditch ‘neuromyth’ of learning styles, say scientists

Teaching children according to their individual “learning style” does not achieve better results and should be ditched by schools in favour of evidence-based practice, according to leading scientists.

Thirty eminent academics from the worlds of neuroscience, education and psychology have signed a letter to the Guardian voicing their concern about the popularity of the learning style approach among some teachers.