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Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)
The BACBís mission is to develop, promote and implement a voluntary national certification program for behavior analyst practitioners.
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
To advance the scientific study of behavior and its humane application to the solution of practical problems, including the prevention and relief of human suffering.
Newly Published Articles about the Competent Learner Model
Tucci, V., Hursh, D.E., Laitinen, R., and Lambe, A. (2005). The Competent Learner Model: Best Practices Learned and Applied Exceptionality.
Tucci, V. and Hursh, D.E. (2005). Effective learning environments. In Sugai and Horner (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Therapy: Vol III, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.
Tucci, V., Hursh, D.E. and Laitinen, R. (2005). The competent learner model (CLM): A merging of applied behavior analysis, direct instruction, and precision teaching. In Moran and Mallott (Eds.) Empirically Supported Educational Methods, Chicago: Elsevier, Inc.
Tucci, V., Hursh, D.E. and Laitinen, R.E. (2004) An Evaluation of the Competent Learner Model. A Poster presented at the International Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA) Conference in San Francisco, CA.
Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE)/Special Education Salinas, CA
Bolsa Knolls
Salinas, CA
Logan Shankle, Guillermo Reyes
South Monterey County Schools
Santa Rita, Soledad and Greenfield
Liz Hernandez, Guillermo Reyes, Nancy Kelley and Phoebe Hsieh
Carmel Middle School
Carmel, CA
Tara Sluyter
Boronda Meadows
Salinas, CA
Tara Sluyter
New Republic
Salinas, CA
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) Monterey, CA
Karrie Grama and Tony Catalano
Pacific Grove Unified School District (PGUSD) Pacific Grove, CA
Tara Sluyter
Campbell School District (CUSD) Campbell, CA
Christina Lovaas
San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) San Jose, CA
Christina Lovaas
San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD) San Marcos, CA
Christina Lovaas
Lynwood Unified School District Lynwood, CA
Logan Shankle, Jane Kim, and Vicci Tucci
San Andreas Regional Center
Monterey County, CA
Nancy Kelley,Anthony Catalano, Tara Sluyter, Rachel Tololi, Logan Shankle, Guillermo Reyes, Liz Hernandez, Karrie Gramma, Cassie Cole, Liyu Chen, David Peasley, Melissa Booth-Simonsenson, Joe Potter and Phoebe Hsieh
Santa Clara and San Benito Counties, CA
Christina Lovaas, Melanie Clark, Danielle Jolley, Kathy Joy, Michelle Hill, and Phoebe Hsieh
Cupertino Unified School District Cupertino, CA
Danielle Jolley
Orchard School District San Jose, CA
Gilroy Unified School District Gilroy, CA
Kathy Joy, Melissa Booth-Simonsen, Michelle Hill, and Christina Lovaas
Morgan Hill Unified School District Morgan Hill, CA
Danielle Jolley & Christina Lovaas
Hollister School District Hollister, CA
Danielle Jolley and Melissa Booth-Simonsenson
Cambrian School District San Jose, CA
Christina Lovaas
Pennsylvania (2013) - Certified Regional CLM Coordinator: Cathy Scutta (state-wide)
The Vista School (CLM Accredited organization)
Director: Kirsten Yurich
Coach: Amanda Pendelton
Bellefonte Area School District
Bellefonte, PA
Coach: Anne Katona-Linn
Coordinator: Cathy Scutta
Central Columbia School District
Bloomsburg, PA
Coach: Anne Katona-Linn
Intermediate Unit #6
Clarion, PA
SPED Director: Jeff Brown
Coaches: Lori Mathieson, Cristin Leahy, and Kayla Simpson
State College Area School District
State College, PA
SPED Director: Patrick Moore
Coach: Natasha Vogt
Wyalusing Area School District
Wyalusing, PA
Coach: Stacy Stabryla
Virginia - Certified Regional CLM Coordinator: Cathy Scutta
Shenandoah Valley Regional Program
Augusta County
Coaches: Lisa Falke, Nikki Shriver, Tammy Sours, Tammy Vance, Lindy Jacobs
Coordinator: Autumn Kaufman
Rockingham County
Coaches: Kara Hartman, Lindy Jacobs, Kendal Swartzentruber, Kristina Zaccaria
Coordinator: Shonnet Brand
Page County
Coaches: John Prickett, Michelle VanSetten, Elizabeth Irvin, and Patti King
Coordinator: Lindy Jacobs
Shenandoah County
Coaches: Shonnet Brand, Kristina Zaccaria
Coordinator: Lindy Jacobs
Harrisonburg City
Coaches: Kitti Robinson, Gail Schnider, Michelle VanSetten, Lindy Jacobs
Coordinator: Shonnet Brand
Northwestern Regional Educational Program (NREP)
Winchester, VA
Coach: Chrissy Welgan
Coordinator: Autumn Kaufman
Regional Associate: Commonwealth Autism Services (CAS)
Dominion School
Richmond, VA
Coach/Coordinator: Autumn Kaufman
Peninsula School for Autism CLM
Newport News, VA
Coach/Coordinator: Autumn Kaufman
Laurel Regional Program
Lynchburg, VA
Coach/Coordinator: Autumn Kaufman
Lynchburg City School
Lynchburg, VA
Coach/Coordinator: Autumn Kaufman
United Arab Emirates - Regional Associate: Nipa Bhuptani
Certified Regional CLM Coordinator: Nipa Bhuptani
Future Centre for Special Needs (CLM Accredited Org.)
Abu dhabi, UAE
Coordinator/Coach: Christine Harley
Coaches: Mabel Bermudez and Nipa Bhuptani
CLM Home Programs, UAE
Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE
Coach: Nipa Bhuptani
Autism MAIA
Paris, France
Palermo, Sicily - Certified Regional CLM Coordinator: Nipa Bhuptani
CLM Italia
Palermo, Sicily
Regional Associate: Khaty Costumati
Coach: Nipa Bhuptani
Coach: Mabel Bermudez