The Competent Learner Model
Produces Learner Results
and Saves School Districts Money

Over 30 years of curriculum development and classroom experience have taught us that schools need cost-effective special education training and curriculum that can produce positive learner outcomes while reducing school district expenses.  Implementation of the Competent Learner Model© can achieve those objectives within your district.

The CLM Builds In-House Capacity
Tucci Learning Solutions Inc.’s Competent Learner Model utilizes a collaborative, team-based implementation model to build school districts in-house capacity to serve learners.  The CLM’s cost-effective implementation system provides practical classroom services while creating long-term savings to school districts.  Click the link Advantages of Building In-House Capacity to see the potential benefits of using a collaborative, developmental implementation model like the CLM. Also see What the CLM Can Do For You

Implementing the Competent Learner Model
Click the link Process of Implementation to view important facts about implementation along with essential requirements for Competent Learner Model implementation.

The stages necessary for successful implementation of the CLM require effort from the entire IEP team.  Working together using a common language and agreed upon practices is vital to successful implementation (Kratochwill and Van Someren, 1995).  Click the link CLM Team Chart to view examples of the roles each team member plays.

The progression of implementation takes time, success doesn’t happen overnight.  Learner results can occur almost immediately, but the real cost savings and classroom benefits occur over time, as more and more staff become trained in the CLM.  Click the link Instructor Testimonials to watch a DVD of real instructors from our Pennsylvania project discussing their individual results.  Local Teacher and Parents have also taken a moment to express their feelings about the Competent Learner Model.  Click the link Classroom and Parent Testimonials to view the classroom and home effects of the CLM.

Implementing the CLM
Advantages of building in-house capacity (PDF)
Process of Implementation (PDF)
CLM Team Chart
Classroom and Parent Testimonials
Benefits of CLM Implementation Brochure (PDF)
What the CLM Can Do For You